Malignant Tumour

Malignant Tumour
Kolár "Koral" (Guitar), David Sevèík (Drums Disentry, Veèírek), Robert Simek (Vocals, Bass Cerebral Turbulency), Martin "Bilos" Bílek (Vocals, Guitar ex-Temple Of Sorrow), Marek (Guitar [2000], Purulent Spermcanal), Jelle (Vocals, Bass Magnetron), Michal (Drums [1995-1997] [2000], Carnal Diafragma), Otto (Bass [1995-1997], Needful Things), Roman (Vocals [1995]), Libor (Drums [1995], Cerebral Turbulency), Richard Chrobok (Vocals, Guitar [1997-2000], Love History), Petr (Bass Hibakusha), Marsel (Drums [2003-2004]), Marek (Drums [1997-1999]), Johan (Drums Magnetron)

Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR start in fall of 1991 in town Ostrava, Czech republic, not long after iron curtain was tear down.

Together with few other bands MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first band who show extreme music in their country. MALIGNANT TUMOUR released fifth full lenght albums and tons of other recordings on many different underground labels all around the world.

Many of the band recordings got very positive feedback from fans, magazines, web or print zines and two of band albums (IN FULL SWING and EARTHSHAKER) were nominated as best album of the year in Hard and Heavy category at czech music awards called ANDEL. The album EARTHSHAKER won as album of the year in 2010.

The new album called OVERDOSE&OVERDRIVE is released by German metal label WAR ANTHEM RECORDS in spring 2013. At summer 2014 is out new split 7"EP ROCK REVOLUCION.

And story continue.......

Metallic crust ´n´roll made in Ostrava. The biggest band. Winner in Czech grammy award 2010, in category Hard&Heavy.

Metallic crust ´n´roll made in Ostrava. Winner of official Czech grammy awards in category Hard&Heavy.