Marcel Vedurmen (Vocals, Guitar Altar (Hol), Orphanage, ex-Mysto Dysto, ex-Vault (Hol)), Luit De Jong (Guitar ex-Mysto Dysto), Walter Tjwa (Drums), Hette Bonnema (Bass), Jos (Drums Frusthatred, ex-Vortex (Hol)), Claus van den Berg (Drums ex-Mysto Dysto), Peter Meijering (Vocals ex-Mysto Dysto)

Mandator, Formerly known as Mysto Dysto, formed in 1983.

As Mysto Dysto, they made 2 demos, and a studio album "The Rules Have Been Disturbed" released in 1986. They changed their name to Mandator in 1987.

As Mandator, they released 1 demo, 2 studio albums, "Initial Velocity" and "Perfect Progeny" they also released 1 single. The band is now split up..

An 80's Thrash Metal band from the Netherlands.

And the legend stays...