Manic Movement

Manic Movement
Jeremie Vasile (Guitar ex-Mystica), Frederic Ost (Guitar), Olivier Wittenberg (Drums), Filip De Graeve (Keyboard ex-Sengir), Virginia Fantoni (Vocals), Bart Jacquet (Bass), Gerry Verstreken (Bass Imperia, ex-Chemical Breath, ex-Excess Of Cruelty), Phil P. (Guitar Emptiness), Dimi (Guitar), Maarten Verbeke (Vocals)

Brief history of Manic Movement. Founding member and composer Olivier started Manic Movement in 1993 and worked with various musicians on different metal albums ('Thousand Sufferings' and 'Future Dreaming Self' produced by Xavier Carion and Attie Bauw).

Since 2006 the band switched to female vocals, creating more accessible songs and expanding its musical spectrum, releasing 'Dark Glitter' in 2009. The next album will be released in October 2010! Get ready!!.

Symphonic Gothic Rock/Metal