Naz (Vocals, Guitar [since 1995]), Lee (Bass [since 1997]), Keveen (Drums [since 2006]), Dezz (Drums [2004-2004]), Cortal (Bass [2004-2004]), Nd Sybull (Guitar [2001-2001]), Din (Bass [1996-1997]), Azarul (Drums [1995-1999] [2002-2003]), Lanz (Guitar [1997-1999]), Irdonez (Drums [2002-2005]), Psycho son (Drums [2005-2006]), Neo (Bass [1996-1996]), Sodomz (Drums [2000-2001]), Najeebz (Guitar [1995-1996])

This notorious gem was fiercely spawned in 1995 by using WAFFAT as their moniker, but due to another band using the same name at that time, they've changed the band's name to MANTAK. The band recorded their 1st demo tape in 1998 - 'THE BORNEO CHAOSMAKERS'.

The sound was totally 666% raw and really unpolished! In the following year they've entered the studio again to record their 2nd blasphemy entitled 'SAKHTYANIC DOCTRINE' (demo '99). This one has brought a recognition in the Malaysian extreme metal scene! In 2000 Mantak has gotten an offer to deal with a Malaysian independent label Muzik Box Production.

The same year they've recorded their 1st cass EP named 'Dark Borneo Art' and also 2 unreleased rites('Thy Dance of the Evil Bewitched' and 'And She Drink') for the biggest compilation in Malaysia called Panggilan Pulau Puaka Vol. 4 (Psychic Scream Entertainment).

Those satanik symphonies are never to be recorded again in any other Mantak's release!! Due to some problems both the band & the label were facing, Mantak left Muzik Box Production. In 2002 they've signed a deal with the biggest Malaysian extreme metal label NEBIULA PRODUCTION thus in the same year their 1st cass LP "EYE OF DEVIANT" was recorded. Sadly the album has gotten bad reviews from most of Malaysian/South East Asia editors/metalheads.

The band didn't give up easily and managed to record their 2nd album in 2003!! This 2nd art of virgin desekrator is called "POLYMORPHOUS PERVERSION", also under the same label. Those gems of hell crushed the extreme metal ¡°black market¡± in Jan 2004! The album contained 8 songs of anti-religious supremacy! This time it is more aggressive, impolite, religious raping & 666% more cruel than their previous blasphemy.

The lyricks are dealing about hatred, satanic lust, sex, darkness & priests sodomized! The USA based XXXtreme metal label OLD CEMETARY RECORDS re-released it later on for the USA legion on original CD format with different artwork+Bonus HellTraxxx!!! In 2004 MANTAK recorded one of the most hellish offering they've ever done in Nebiula Studio (Kuala Lumpur) for 4 traxxx hellhymns!! Those song were at first published as a self-release entitled 'THY SEXXXMAGEDDON' only for editors and labels around the world for promotion purposes. And in 2005 an underground France based Vinyl label LEGION OF DEATH RECORDS unleashed those helltraxxx in a 7" EP format under the title 'EASTERN SEXXXRIGALUST.

Without a doubt this release helped to spread MANTAK'S name in the European Underground XXXtreme Metal Legion. After that, in 2006 MANTAK'S vomiting a split 7"EP 'RAPING GOD'S LAW' with the USA XXXtreme Black/Death Metal AMPUTATOR under OLD CEMETARY RECORDS(USA) as a limited Red and Black Vinyl Version. Next year broughtanother unchained Split 7" EP with ENSHADOWED - Greek Great Black Metaller, under a Japanese label DEATHRASH ARMAGEDDON RECORDS. All of the 7" releases gathered many positive responds from all Maniaks out there!! In sept 2007 MANTAK's new album SABAHELL'S BLASPHEMER was unleashed under French well known Black Metal label - DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS..This one without a doubt presented the most Violent, Furious, Blasphemous and speed as hell Musick MANTAK ever done! Normally fucking ears!!! Stay away from The SABAHELL'S BLASPHEMER hellBum!!! Just few weeks after this release followed mentioned before re-release of POLYMORPHOUS PERVERSION - MANTAK's 2nd full length by extreme metal label OLD CEMETERY RECORDS!! This edition included 'DARK BORNEO ART EP traxxx as a bonus. In 2010 the band decided to work with USA label again and through Old Cemetery Records the most well acclaimed and considered as the MANTAK best album so far was unleashed!!! DIABOLICAL PSYCHOLUST!!! Beside OCR a young Malaysian label - EVIL DEAD PRODUCTIONS also released the album for the SEA underworld market.

EVIL DEAD already collaborated with MANTAK before on MCD 666 few months before. 2011 was a year of TERROR HAIL & WORSHIP!!! For the first time MANTAK worked with a Sarawakian label - MENJREX NERTO PRODUCTIONS to release this tribute cover album. MANTAK currently is composing their new tracks for their 5th full length which expected to be recorded SOON! Beside that the band is also working on several split EP'S and LP's projects and will be informing you soon!!! HAILS!!!.