Marauder (GRC)

Marauder (GRC)
Giorgos Sofronas (Guitar [since 1990]), Andreas Tsaousis (Guitar [since 1990]), Alexandros Kostarakos (Vocals), Grigoris Vlachos (Drums ex-Sorrows Path), Thodoris Paralis (Bass ex-Suicidal Angels), Kostas Vaklatzis (Drums), Michael Smeros (Vocals Fortress Under Siege), Kostas Vagiotis (Bass), George Karapapazoglou (Bass), Kiriakos Soupidis (Drums), Manos Matsos (Drums Karmic Link, ex-Blood Covered, ex-Guardian Angel, ex-Spitfire), Stathis Stathatos (Vocals), Michalis Pagonis (Vocals ex-Power Crue)

Marauder started in the early 90's by Andreas Tsaoussis & George Sofronas.

The present line-up is represented by Andreas Tsaoussis & George Sofronas - Lead guitars, Babis Antaloudakis - Drums, Theodore Paralis - Bass, Nikos Antonoyiannakis - Vocals. The band counts 2 demos & 5 official releases including many participations in compilations such as “The night of the Demon – A tribute to Demon” performing the song “The Grand Illusion”, “A tribute to Kiss” performing the song “Gimme More”, a compilation of the Sweden Rock Magazine, performing their song "Power from the sky" taken from their third cd, "Life?", being among great names like Dio, Saxon & Europe.

The band has also played as guest with Accept , Nicko McBrain, Rage, Riot, Leatherwolf, Anvil, Omen, Demon, Virgin Steele, Death SS, Sabbaton & many more. The first demo "Try to live" was recorded in 1991 and it was pure & strong Heavy Metal.

Having great success, their second demo "The die is cast" (1993) was the logical sequence of what they have started. Positive audience responce and hunger for more, was the result for the bands first official release "Sense of Metal" in 1997 by Live Rec.

The style remained classic Heavy Metal at its best... After many live performances, the band strikes back with their second concept album "1821" released by the Brazilian Megahard Rec.

in 2000. The album is dedicated to the great revolution of 1821 and to the memory of all Greek heroes who died to free Greece.

Live shows took place & being more mature than ever, Marauder start composing new songs for their 3rd album. Despite the problems they had with record labels, their 3rd album "Life?" released in 2004 by the Greek label Eat Metal Rec.

This album was rated with 4/5 in Sweden Rock Magazine's reviews. 2008 followed with the Italian label Heart of Steel Rec.

releases their 4th album “Face the Mirror”. Next came their 5th album “Elegy of Blood” released by Pitch Black Records (Cyprus).

The second concept album for the band, referred to great wars/battles in the history of mankind. In 2016 bands 6th album ''Bullethead'' took place under the same label Pitch Black Records(Cyprus).

That album brought the band in the next level. Nikos Antonoyiannakis voice sets the bases for the most Epic Powerful album Marauder recorded so far.

Live shows started immediately after that for the support of the ''Bullethead''. Recently the Team returned from Berlin after an intence live show they had.

The band is currently rehearsing and writing songs for their next album, while continue to perform live. STAY TUNED... FOR US METAL IS ENOUGH!!!! .

Classics Never Die!!!

For Us Metal is Enough!!