Filip "Heinrich" Ha?ucha (Bass [since 2005], Vesania (PL), ex-Crionics, ex-Decapitated (PL), ex-Rootwater, ex-Unsun), Wojciech "Pig" W?sowicz (Vocals [since 2008], Anal Stench, ex-Decapitated (PL)), Mariusz "Thrufel" Domaradzki (Vocals, Guitar [since 2005], Shadows Land, ex-Azarath, ex-Yattering), Arkadiusz "Aro" Jab?o?ski (Guitar [since 2005], Illness, Shadows Land, ex-Torquemada), Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski (Drums [since 2005], Dimmu Borgir, Hunter (PL), Vesania (PL), ex-Azarath, ex-Crionics, ex-Neolithic, ex-Pyorrhoea, ex-Sunwheel, ex-Vader)

MASACHIST is a child of Thrufel, a mind possessed by death metal.

Thrufel earned his reputation playing in YATTERING and AZARATH, but after many years of performing someone else’s songs he realized he’d rather do his own thing. It wasn’t until he joined forces with Daray (who at the time was drumming for VADER) that things started happening. The two wrote two songs for a two song “promo”, and than the debut album “Death March Fury” (released in May 2009 by Witching Hour Productions).

In the meantime they were joined by Heinrich (bass, VESANIA), Aro (guitar, SHADOWS LAND) and Pig (vocals, ex-DECAPITATED). Since the album "Death March Fury" has been very well received, the band decided to go with the flow and the greater part of 2011 was devoted to creating material for the second album, "Scorned". Recorded at Aro’s Monroe Studio, it was released by Selfmadegod Records (ANTIGAMA, DEAD INFECTION, SQUASH BOWELS).

Compared to the debut, the band put on a bit more experimental sound, and the subject matter of the lyrics referred to the Bushido code. 2015 was the year that saw the creation of MASACHIST’s third album, „The Sect (death REALigion)”. Going back to the brutality of the first album, while at te same time introducing new elements to their music, the band is constatly evolving and experimenting with arrangements and production.

At the same time their music remains as uncompromising and relentless as ever. This is extreme music for extreme times.


Death Metal Kurwa Mać!!!