Amfortas (Guitar Ancestral Fog, Corpus Christii, ex-Glorior Belli, ex-Morte Incandescente), Blastum (Drums Ingens, Purge, Aosoth, Chaos, Ritualization, VI), Daethorn (Bass), Vestal (Vocals Anus Mundi, Angmar), A.K. (Guitar Corpus Christii, Decline Of The I, Epic, Love Lies Bleeding, Neo Inferno 262, Vorkreist, Eros Necropsique), Dispater (Bass Blackgod, Glorior Belli, Osculum Infame (Fra), Elktronik Sciety, Corpus Christii, Heol Telwen), Terrorizt (Vocals Ancestral Fog, ex-Bliss Of Flesh), Kaelifer (Bass Inferno (FRA)), Necrolith (Drums Purge, Decline Of The I), Seremoth (Bass Goatlord Corp., ex-Fornication (FRA)), Feyd (Guitar), LsK (Bass Hell Militia, Corpus Christii, Love Lies Bleeding, Secrets Of The Moon, Epic, Neo Inferno 262, Vorkreist, Antaeus), Sateo (Vocals, Guitar ex-Inferno (FRA)), Asmodee (Guitar), Gommorrhus (Drums), Lord Amroth (Vocals Inferno (FRA)), EsX (Guitar Vorkreist, Purge, Glorior Belli), Saint Vincent (Vocals The Arrival Of Satan, Helegion, Blacklodge)

A pestilent air rises from the underground, as it should.

For however much black metal continues to be co-opted, commercialized, and crassly made into a (marketable) parody of itself, there exist true aesthetic terrorists with such fanatic ideology and frightening vision to keep the genre “grounded” – in the dirt, in the grime, of the soul... MERRIMACK is one such band.

Having made a cult name for themselves with 2002’s Ashes of Purification debut album, their jet-black hateful chunk of metal was acclaimed by the strict core of the underground scene and the American label Moribund Records began to put out feelers in direction of Paris.Those first fruits of evil ? MERRIMACK’s “Of Entropy and Life Denial” and “Grey Rigorism”, real black metal records made with real ideology and vision that show this French fivesome flexing muscles of creativity and depravity precious few can fathom, a mesmerizing miasma that’s elusively professionalism in an underground grown too lazy. This combination of gruff Black Metal with epic song structures and post-modern sound got fabulous media critics, and the band was offered to do a 1 month tour in USA with MARDUK and NACHTMYSTIUM, which turned out to be very successful. In summer 2011 the band came to an agreement about a co-operation with the German Metal label AFM Records.As a result, the combo enters again the boomy ‘n’ roomy caverns of Necromorbus Studio (where quality guarantees like WATAIN or FUNERAL MIST produced their sound attacks) in March 2012. Founded in 1994, MERRIMACK belongs to the most influential, most active and authentic bands of the French black metal scene.

Their upcoming album, “The Acausal Mass” bites, rages, hurts and destroys. MERRIMACK excelled themselves by introducing a milestone of orthodox and brilliant black metal, balancing malicious underground spirit and wickedly simmered maturity.


•“The musicians in Merrimack are musical terrorists, keying in on your secret fears and desires to unlock the code of existence. Like a doorway to another dimension, this Parisian cell unleashes its evil with no responsibility to what might exit from the trapdoor they open. This is the soundtrack to my death” – Metal Edge •“Offers all the surface ingredients of a hollow-horned masterpiece. In fact, the 10-song offering smacks of unholy awesomeness on expectancy alone...meshes intricate song structure and multi textured layers of sound with a cold, communicable bitterness few modern-day BM hordes have the ability to convincingly convey” – Decibel [8/10 rating] •“By far the most accomplished and self-actualised album for the Gallic quintet: Grey Rigorism possesses all of the genre’s proper fury with just enough magic ‘n’ mysticism to satisfy the ‘religious’ nuts amongst the underground” – Zero Tolerance •“Merrimack are more than willing to scare you with their morose, experimental drippings…Certainly not for the faint of heart, Grey Rigorism is a powerful building block for Merrimack’s already deservedly well-respected career” –McKeesport Daily News •“Merrimack write damn good songs, adding creativity and an almost classical sense of compositional structure without straying from the conventions of guitar-bass-drums black metal… Grey Rigorism is, from start to finish, an impassive slab of brutal, flaying, utterly heavy blackened torment. The genius of Merrimack is that their fury is even more potent, and their impact greater, for having an iron-fisted control over their swirling chaos” – [8/10 rating] •“Frenzied yet catchy” – •“Unsettling…It’s strange to hear black metal so grown up” – Invisible Oranges webzine •“Slithering like a deadly snake through the grass, set to kill, their music creeps into your skull and does its damage” – •“Just as good if not better than Of Entropy and Life Denial…cold, fast, unrelenting black metal” – Primitive Ways webzine •“A very malevolent atmosphere” – •“All the great elements of black metal are melded into one bleak and disturbing force, with the mission of making the sickest music one band can create” –Absolute Zero Media webzine

Songs for the Devil