Mirror Of Deception

Mirror Of Deception
Michael "Siffi" Siffermann (Vocals, Guitar), Jochen "Josef" Müller (Drums), Jochen Fopp (Guitar), Andreas Taller (Bass), Gunnar Drescher (Drums), Markus "Baumi" Baumhauer (Vocals), Ingo Häderle (Drums), Rainer Hampel (Bass), Klaus "Kloidl" Schmidt (Bass)

Formed in 1990, MIRROR OF DECEPTION are one of Europe's longest running Doom Metal bands.

Initially, the band was inspired by the forefathers of the genre such as SABBATH, CANDLEMASS, ST. VITUS, TROUBLE etc., but over the years they have created their own niche, shaping their own unmistakable style.

Channelling grass roots HEAVINESS through dark winter melancholy and despair, MIRROR OF DECEPTION write their own rules far away from clich├ęs often (and falsely) associated with classic Doom Metal such as one dimensional tempos and recycled SABBATH lyrics. The band has released several demos and EPs. The debut album entitled "Mirrorsoil" was released in 2001, the second full-length, "Foregone" in September 2004.

The third album, "Shards" came out in October 2006 and was followed up by a split-album with GARDEN OF WORM in 2009. The 4th full-length album, "A Smouldering Fire" was released in October 2010. The band is currently working on their fifth album. .

Unorthodox Doom Metal since 1990.

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