Vladimir Cochet (Vocals, All instruments, Programming Unholy Matrimony, Weeping Birth, Deafening Loneliness, Accurst Journey)

Founded in 2000 by the urge of an extended sonic exploration, the name of Mirrorthrone began to circulate by way of two demos recorded respectively in February 2001 and December 2002.

The latter drew the attention of Red Stream, Inc., which released the first official Mirrorthrone album entitled Of Wind and Weeping in May 2003. It features a collection of early recording and other demo tracks.

Although only displaying the first articulations of Mirrorthrone's potential, this debut album received a very positive welcome from the specialized press and auditors throughout the scene. In the summer of 2005, Vladimir recorded most of the songs that would be featured on the two coming albums.

Deciding to mix only half of these, he chose those whose composition dates are the oldest to maintain a chronological coherence between the future releases. The first track compilation gave birth to Carriers of Dust, also published by Red Stream, Inc.

These titles show a clear musical evolution. While keeping the radical Romantic and Baroque base lead by a blasting extreme metal pace that built the identity of the previous release, the new opus integrated more diverse influences, which gave a progressive taste to the music.

Also benefiting from an improved production, Carriers of Dust allowed Mirrorthrone to reach another level and drew the attention of more music enthusiasts worldwide. The track So Frail was recorded during the summer of 2007. It was mixed in early 2008, along with the second half of the songs tracked in the 2005 session.

All of the songs were released on the album entitled Gangrene, once again through Red Stream, Inc. Since the tracks were chronologically posterior to Carriers of Dust’s content, they fell within the direct line of the previous production evolution: progressive, baroque, and dense.

They continued through the luminous yet dark flight, and took the listener hostage by their sonic claws. Mirrorthrone had the great honor to see the track So Frail appear on the Brütal Legend (Electronic Arts, Double Fine Productions) videogame soundtrack, alongside some of the biggest names in Rock and Metal. The years that followed were frozen in time.

It was only from mid-2012 to early 2013 that the sleeping colossus awoke, and when most of the composition and recording of the upcoming album could be completed. The new album has just entered the mixing and correcting phase that will likely be both long and exhausting.

Musically, the new tracks are pretty much a superlative of what Mirrorthrone gave birth to so far: more technical, more guitar-oriented while also more orchestral, more progressive, denser, and better produced. The signature sound of Gangrene and Carriers of Dust is still present, but elevated to a higher level by maturity.

A release date has not been scheduled at this time but the album will hopefully be due out this year. .

Mirrorthrone is a Swiss one-man musical project led by Vladimir Cochet. Carried by vast influences, its music bears strong Black Metal roots. It cannot, however, be reduced to this label. It is alternately defined by the band's listeners as Progressive, Avant-Garde, Baroque and Post-Black Metal. Mirrorthrone's expression overcomes the barriers of musical borders through the different melodic tints and musical shapes it takes.