Nick Yanchuk (Vocals, Guitar, Bass [since 2003], Havoc (CAN)), Shawn Hache (Vocals, Guitar [since 2003], ex-Archspire, ex-Gremory, ex-Havoc (CAN)), Karl Godard (Drums, Keyboard [since 2006]), Rob Hamilton (Bass [since 2011], live member), Mitch Aramenko (Guitar [2003-2007], ex-Gremory, ex-Horde Of Anachron), Jesse Anderson (Drums [2003-2006]), Nick Gibas (Bass [2003-2009], Hierophant)

2005: Mitochondrion demo (self released) 2006: Through Cosmic Gaze demo (self released) 2008: Archaeaeon CD (self released) 2010: Rituals of Transcendence/Liimkt Halaayt split CD (Siege Engine Records) 2011: Parasignosis CD (Profound Lore Records) 2012: Archaeaeon rerelease CD/DLP (Dark Descent Records) 2012: Parasignosis DLP (Siege Engine Records) 2013: Antinumerology 7" EP (Dark Descent Records).

The state within the current landscape of modern death metal has not shown its promise in what seems like ages. MITOCHONDRION has helped signal a paradigm shift destined to bring awareness to where the elite sanctions within the Canadian extreme metal scene now reside. Initially hailing from the city adjacent to the infamous Ross Bay cemetery, MITOCHONDRION made quite an impression within the death metal underground with their self-released, now out of print, “Archaeaeon” début in 2008. The band introduced the death metal world to their brand of time-stretching, vitriolic, complex, brutal ambient sound. Inevitably they would gain the reputation as one of Canada’s most devastating and creative death metal bands today with the release of “Parasignosis” in 2011. ARCHAEAEON - PARASIGNOSIS -

The cloak has dropped again and we are veiled in meditation and toil. Another aural manifestation shall be the result of this cloister ...