Molotov Solution

Molotov Solution
Robbie Pina (Guitar [2004-2011; 2013]), Kevin Oakley (Bass [2008-2010;2013]), Nick Arthur (Vocals [2008-2012; 2013]), Sims Collison (Guitar [2008-2010; 2013]), Jeremy Johnson (Drums [2008-2010; 2013]), Abe (Bass live member), Justin Fornof (Bass [2005-2006], Suffer The Loss), Joe (Guitar), Anthony (Bass), Cassidy Sprague (Guitar [2004-2007]), Kyle Davis (Vocals [2004-2008]), Matt Mancuso (Drums [2004-2008], Misericordiam), Shane Slade (Bass [since 2010], Fit For An Autopsy), Jacob Durrett (Drums [since 2010], Shadow Of The Colossus, ex-Debello Castrum, ex-Fate (USA)), Richie Gomez (Guitar [since 2010], ex-Shadow Of The Colossus, The Acacia Strain), Cody Jarvis (Guitar [since 2012], session member)

"If there is a main message to the album, it’s that people should educate themselves and take control of the problems we have as a society rather than waiting on a government to do what’s right.” Molotov Solution speaks on the inspiration behind their fourth full-length album Insurrection which was produced by Will Putney at The Machine Shop (Suicide Silence, Four Year Strong) in New Jersey.

The album takes the band’s signature death metal foundation which is peppered by elements of hardcore and grind but marries it with a groove and swagger previous releases didn’t possess. Also in full display is technical guitar leads and parts that shred as well as deliver full body breakdowns.

This album is Molotov Solution’s first for the Blk Heart Group (No Bragging Rights, Destruction Of A Rose) and first since 2009’s Harbinger (on Metal Blade Records). "With the addition of Jake (Durrett) on drums and Richie (Gomez) on guitar, we plan to push our sound to the more extreme, angry and heavy overtones." Rounding out the group is Shane Slade (bass) and Nick Arthur (vocals).

Arthur continues his signature lyrical assault and skeptical eye towards politics and society which has been a main mission of the band since it’s inception back in 2004. “Politics have always been a huge part of the band.

We consider ourselves a socially conscious band that exists to educate the listener about world problems, the loss of our freedom, and the agenda to create a singular World Government.” In addition to a fiery and passionate message, the band is devastating live and have toured non-stop over the past few years doing twelve U.S. Tours as well as a recent Canadian tour and upcoming dates in Mexico.

Some road partners of Molotov Solution have included Whitechapel, Despised Icon, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Impending Doom and Suicide Silence. The band will appear this summer with Impending Doom and Within the Ruins.

Previous releases from the band have included 2005’s self released album The Path To Extinction, 2006’s split album with German band, War From A Harlot’s Mouth (Twelve Gauge Records) and 2008’s self titled album (re-released on Blk Heart Group). .

Las Vegas Nevada Heavy Fucking Metal.