Moonlight (PL)

Moonlight (PL)
Bolek Wilczek (Drums), Andrzej Kutys (Guitar), Kuba Maciejewski (Keyboard), Maja Konarska (Vocals), Michal Podciechowski (Bass), Tomasz Kopczynski (Drums), Arkadiusz Wlazlo (Guitar), Katarzyna Michalewicz (Vocals), Daniel Potasz (Keyboard), Pawel Gotlas (Bass), Szymon Gebel (Bass), Tomasz Wieczorek (Drums), Maciej Kazmierski (Drums)

Moonlight is a band of many faces. From touching ballads through catchy songs with extraordinary lyrics to heavy ones closeto metal proving well at concerts that shows how universal Moonlight is.

15-years in the band's history resulted in two demos, ten albums produced by MMP, including one concert album and one DVD. Currently, the music of Moonlight oscillates around a broad concept of atmospheric rock with many progressive and alternative elements.

Warm and charming vocal of charismatic Maja Konarska completes the picture of perfectly produced and played music of the band and quite often draws the whole attention of alistener. The band has a rich concert history.

Actually, it’s already difficult to find in Poland any average size town which has not experienced the magic of Moonlight’s music. The band supported such bands as Deep Purple, Anathema, Pendragon and Mercyful Fate .