Mortal Love

Mortal Love
Mulciber (Keyboard Voluspaa, ex-Wolf Awaken), Lev (Bass, Back Vocals), Cat (Vocals), Damous (Drums), Rain6 (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard), Gabriah (Guitar)

Mortal Love, with members cat, rain6, lev, damous and mulciber was formed in Elverum, Norway in 2000.

Elements and contrasts dominate Mortal Love's music, and their catchy songs are filled with melody, heavy guitars, dark lyrics and beautiful vocals. Mortal Love signed with Massacre Records in 2002.

Their debut album All The Beauty... was released in 2002 and gathered praise from press and fans alike.

Mortal Love's live debut came in 2003 and their first tour took them to Croatia and Hungary where they played the Gothica Festival in Budapest. The second album I Have Lost...

was released in 2005, and meant a continuation of their brooding soundscape. The album was nominated for several awards.

Coinciding with the release of the Adoration single, a promo video was made. The video featured on several releases, among them the Beautiful Voices DVD.

The band appeared at the Quart Festival summer 2006. Third album Forever Will Be Gone was, like the two previous albums, released to great acclaim and several max scores in both national and international press.

Together, the three concept albums form the trilogy All The Beauty I Have Lost Forever Will Be Gone. .