Mortification (AUS)

Mortification (AUS)
Lincoln Bowen (Guitar [1996-2001] [since 2011], ex-Day Of Atonement, ex-The Eternal (AUS)), Steve Rowe (Vocals, Bass [since 1990], founder member, ex-Light Force), Andrew Esnouf (Drums [since 2011]), Adam Zaffarese (Drums [200-2003] [2008-2010]), Cameron Hall (Guitar [1990-1991], ex-Light Force), Jayson Sherlock (Drums [1990-1993], Horde, Altera Enigma, Where Shadows Lie, Soundscape, ex-Paramaecium, ex-Light Force), George Ochoa (aka Simon Dawg) (Guitar [1994-1996], Deliverance (USA), Vengeance Rising, Recon), Bill Rice (Drums [1995]), Michael Jelinic (Guitar [2002-2010], Terraphobia), Jason Campbell (Vocals, Guitar Erase (CAN)), Keith Bannister (Drums [1996-1999]), Damien Percy (Drums [2005-2008], session member, Demolition (AUS), ex-Skymaze), Jeff Lewis (Guitar [2002], Sympathy, Abolishment Of Hate, Incursion (CAN)), Mike Forsberg (Drums [2003-2005], Martyr's Shrine, ex-Cybergrind, ex-Catwitch, ex-Dimentia (AUS)), Josh Rivero (Guitar [1995]), Michael Carlisle (Guitar [1991-1994], Martyr's Shrine), Dave "Kellog" Kilgallon (Guitar [2008]), Dave Kilgallon (Drums [2008], Scourged Flesh, Burial Grounds, Templar (AUS), ex-Grave Forsaken, ex-Cold Fate), Phil Curtis Gibson (Drums [1994], Day Of Atonement, Like Bears, Desolate Eternity), Troy Dixon (Guitar [2011])

Mortification are a 3 Piece Extreme Gospel Metal Band Band from Australia.

The Music is Extreme & Brutal & The Gospel Message is the Bands Up Front Intense focus! Through many different Lineups, Band Founder/ Bassist & Vocalist Steve Rowe remains the driving force behind the Mortification Machine now in their 22nd Year, 15 Albums in! Mortification hail from Melbourne Australia & have Toured the world over. This includes many Tours in The US & Europe.

Also stints in Mexico, Brazil, Chille, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand & countless Tours in their homeland of Australia! Mortification have pushed the boundaries of Extreme Music & have presented the Gospel Message to Thousands in the process! Mortification were signed to German Metal Major Label Nuclear Blast Records from 1992 to 2002 & Metal Blade Records USA from 1998 to 2001! The Band has also been well received in The US Christian Bookstore Market selling a quarter of a Million Albums in The 90's! Steve's Label- Rowe Productions has been a beacon of Gospel Metal since 1994 & now remains The Band's Independent Record Label from which they Distribute their Gospel Metal to the hungry fans looking for THE ANSWER IN LIFE! Their 15th cd "Scribe of the Pentateuch" was released on Rowe Productions on April 1st,2012 The band is currently writing new material for a 25th anniversary cd to be released sometime in 2015. Steve Rowe and Vic Campbell of Silver Bullet Records are busy working on "Metal Missionary~The Steve Rowe Story" also to be released in 2015!.

Christian extreme heavy metal band

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