Serafino Scavo (Guitar Anticipation), Timo Reichert (Vocals, Guitar), Ralph Gläser (Vocals, Drums Anticipation)

1995 "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" Demo-Tape 1996 "Some Weired Christmassongs" Split-Tape with Malicious 1996 "Sicko Baby" CD under Subzero Records 1997 "Pissed Off Orgasm / Mucupurulent" Split-Tape under Delira Prod. 1999 "Remind The Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" Split 7ยดยด with Cabal 1999 "Horny Like Hell" CD under Subzero Records 2000 "Devilish, Dirty And Live" Split-CD with Infected Pussy 2001 Regurgitate Tribute CD-Compilation under BLP 2002 "Mucubelching Beats" CD under Bizarre Leprous Production 2002 "Soulreaver" CD under Morbid Records 2005 "Sicko Baby And More Babes" CD rerelease of Sicko Baby under Necroharmonic Prod.

& Morbid Wrath Records 2006 "Bloodstained Blues" CD 10th anniversary release under Morbid Records 2010 "Monsters Of Carnage" CD under Rotten Roll Rex 2017 Drenched in Blood 2018 Soulreaver Remastered (digital), Bloodstained Blues (digital), Sicko Baby DLP Remastered.

ultra heavy gore grind tank rolling over your skull.