Mustan Kuun Lapset

Mustan Kuun Lapset
Pete Lehtinen (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard Talvenranta, ex-Septemberwolf), Heikki Piipari (Guitar), Ville Pelkonen (Bass, Back Vocals Letheria), Mikko Hautala (Drums ex-Septemberwolf), Kai "Carlos" Hanninen (Bass Inferia, Olotila, Mustaleski, Uhreja Kuten Me kaikki, UKK13, ex-Acabó El Silencio), Kari Kinnunen (Bass), Jukka (Guitar), Pete Tamminen (Guitar, Back Vocals)

Jurassic era 1993-2003: MKL was founded in Hollola 1993 by Pete Lehtinen, Mikko Hautala, Kari Kinnunen and Pete Tamminen.

Some garage tapes were recorded during ´93-´95 but never released for public. The first gig was at Lyska, Heinola in 1994.

Originally MKL was named as Häiriö, but changed to Mustan Kuun Lapset in 1996 while released the first studiodemo ...Kunnes loppuu yö (limited 100 pcs). After the second demo tape Varjomaa (1997, limited 150 pcs) first official release, the self-financed Prologi -mcd came out in 1998.

It was re-released in the next year with a different lay-out and with one additional track by Italian Nocturnal Music. The actual debut album Suruntuoja saw daylight in 2002, one year after it was recorded, by Finnish Northern Sound Records.

Same label released the next album in 2003, Kauniinhauta, as well. Both albums were recorded by Mika AH Haapasalo (a guitarist of the famous Finnish mainstream rock band Happoradio) at Popstudio in Loimaa, Finland.

After the recordings of Kauniinhauta Kinnunen, who lost his motivation to play in the band, resigned. MKL discontinued the live performances ´til the farewell tour in 2007. Middle ages 2004-2007: MKL started to record the third album Talvenranta (Roihu Records) in early 2005 with a new bass player Kai Hanninen (also known from Inferia, Jumalation etc.).

Again the location was Popstudio in Loimaa. Also the two first albums were re-released as a double-album in the same year.

In 2006 MKL decided to put the band to sleep after the next, and as then was decided, final album. Time, motivation and burning urge to play had faded away.

The last album was named "Viimeinen laulu kuolemasta" and it hit the stores 2007. Again the recording studio was Popstudio but it located in Helsinki now.

Before the album came out, Stay Heavy records, which was the current label, released a single called Morfiinisiivet. It was noted on the official Finnish top 10 single charts.

It´s still probably the most recognizable song in the MKL catalogue, not least by the fact that it´s all acoustic and performed with clean vocals by Antti Lautala, the man hooked up with bands such as Apulanta (other famous Finnish mainstream rock band), Varjo and Silent Scream. During 2007 MKL played some fare-well gigs before it was time to close the coffin in December 2007. Bubbling under 2010-2014: Although MKL was buried, since 2010 it was buried lightly.

MKL did one gig at Lopunajan festivaalit Turku in 2010, released a compilation album in 2011 (14 Talvea, Roihu Records) and even played a mini-tour called "Arkuntuuletus" in 2014. During that tour the very limited 200 piece edition of the original Prologi (which Lehtinen found from his storage), with a new lay-out, was for sale.

The line-up from 2010 to 2014 was the founding fathers Lehtinen & Hautala with Hanninen and Heikki Piipari as the lead guitarist. Piipari replaced Tamminen who refused to play any more gigs.

Hanninen on the other hand was fired after the ´14 tour. New hope 2015-: In 2015 MKL decided to start all over again. New line-up, new associates, new gigs & venues.

Mustan Kuun Lapset line-up 2015: Lehtinen, Hautala, Piipari and the new kid on the block; Ville Pelkonen on bass & low vocals. After a short orientation period with Ville MKL started to tour again. In 2016 the band got their very first big festival gig so far; Nummirock Metal Festival in Kauhajoki, Finland, playing among the bands such as Trivium, Children of Bodom, Mayhem, Dark Tranquillity and Dragon Force to mention a few.

Just before Nummirock MKL released "Kuolemanvirta" -ep which served as the first brand new material since 2007. The ep was released by Inverse Records, and it was a part of a deal which included a new soon to be released full length album! In 2017 MKL released band´s fifth album "Saatto", ten years after "Viimeinen laulu kuolemasta", and it went straight to the Official Finnish Charts number 32.

Saatto received best reviews than any previous MKL album; Soundscape Magazine 10/10, Metalliluola 10/10, Obscuro 9,5/10, Kaaoszine 9/10, Ciklonizacija 9/10, Metal Blast 4/5, Battlehelm 4/5, FHMF 4/5, Beneath the Surface´s Album of the week, and so on... It was truly incredible! But every cloud has a shitty lining.

In late spring ´17 original MKL member, drummer Mikko Hautala decided to quit the band. The reason Mikko revealed was his increased lack of motivation toward metal music.

The fill-in drummer for the rest of the 2017 shows was nominated to be Eero Wuokko, Ville´s brother-in-arms from Letheria. MKL's new drummer from the beginning of 2018 is Kalle Takalo. You may have seen Lahti-based 27 year old Kalle on stage with Tuska-torstai band competition '17 winner Where's My Bible.

MKL´s first release with Kalle was online single Ikaros (also released as limited edition 7" vinyl (275 pcs)) in 2018. March 8th 2019 MKL´s sixth album Valo was released. It reached number 43 on the Official Finnish Albums Chart, and number seven on the chart of physical albums (week 11/2019)..