Mutiny Within

Mutiny Within
Bill Fore (Drums Blinded In Bliss), Andrew Jacobs (Bass, Back Vocals), Daniel Bage (Guitar), Brandon Jacobs (Guitar), Kaan Akyol (Vocals Transidium, Spinal Remains, Zombie Mafia), Drew Stavola (Keyboard), Jeff Stewart (Guitar), Chris Clancy (Vocals), Mike (Drums), Phil (Drums), Rob Savage (Vocals), Nolan (Guitar), Lou Obregon (Guitar Hammerhead (USA)), Sam Paulicelli (Drums Abigail Williams, Decrepit Birth, Abysmal Gates, Rising Phoenix, ex-Dark Empire (USA), ex-Suspyre)

“Keep it heavy, keep it fast and keep it clever.

Never pace to anything. It is an active record.” That’s how bassist Andrew “AJ” Jacobs, the sole founding member, effectively encapsulated what Mutiny Within and their self-titled debut are about.

The resulting album, Mutiny Within, is the culmination of years of figuring it out, getting it together and finally making it work and it’s all manifested in an album that is almost shocking in its technical prowess and its use of melody amid maelstrom. Jacobs can sum up Mutiny Within’s sound as “shred with clean vocals, with a little bit screaming, metal riffs, accessible parts and a lot of melody.

We wanted to get all the melody in there. That is the number one thing for us.

We want the music to reach metal fans and beyond. We want to reach everyone in between.” Mission accomplished on Mutiny Within: 13 songs that usher in a new generation of metal.


Mutiny Within (formerly Roadrunner Records) hails from New Jersey and the UK.

Our 3rd album "ORIGINS," out now!! Download at