My Soliloquy

My Soliloquy
Damon Roots (Drums), Andy Berry (Keyboard), Alex Davies (Bass), Mike Gilpin (Guitar), Pete Morten (Vocals, Guitar Threshold)

My Soliloquy Since My Soliloquy’s inception in 2002, singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist Pete Morten has been successfully developing his unique brand of music. In the bands formative years, they released 3 EP’s independently. 2013 saw the release of the inventive and dynamic debut album ‘The Interpreter’ through US label Sensory Records, to both critical and fan acclaim. A unique selling point of My Soliloquy is that Pete writes and records all the music himself - save for the drums, handled by Damon Roots - for every release.

He also creates all the artwork too. The bands sophomore studio album ‘Engines Of Gravity’ will be released through Rare Artist Records and Entertainment, on September 14th 2017 Notable shows with Oliver and Rick Wakeman, Pagans Mind, Threshold and Haken have helped the band gain traction in the progressive metal/rock underground. My Soliloquy also had the unusual honour of appearing in one of Robert Rankin’s novels the Witches Of Chiswick, too. The internationally renowned comedy/fantasy author placed the band in a fictional venue where they played a show. A film soundtrack appearance for English independent film 'Retribution' in 2005, and an acoustic set live on BBC radio, are all evidence of the versatility, potential and appeal the bands music has. My Soliloquy is as unique as it is forward thinking. Pete Morten’s, fresh, original and pathos infused writing, is a finely woven mix of intricacy and melody. .

DISCOGRAPHY The Creative Principle - [Released 2002] The Creative Principle - Ltd Edition Promo Boxset - [Released 2003] Lateral thinking - [Released 2005] Esoterica - [Released 2007] The Interpreter - [Released 29th Jan North America] [11/2/2013 Rest of the World] The Interpreter - Ltd Edition Pack Incl Bonus CD [Released 14/2/2013] Engines Of Gravity - Release date, pending. MY SOLILOQUY . KEY TRACKS Of Earth and Sky [Lateral Thinking] As featured on the sound track of British independent film ‘Retribution’ This Changes Everything [Esoterica] Performed live on BBC Radio as part of an unplugged acoustic set and interview REVIEWS . WHAT THEY SAY “The interpreter is a classy progressive rock album that deserves full attention” Powerplay Magazine 8/10 [april 2013] “This is a pure & artistic collection of splendid tunes, melted with sheer talent”. 8/10 [march 2013] “Fantastic song writing!. this album is a success, an unforgettable first kiss”. 5/5 [february 2013] “My Soliloquy set the ball rolling with a set of highly technical and extremely well-played progressive rock. their material is fluid yet deep, although pete and his cohorts made everything look extremely easy”. John Tucker [31st march 2007 - progpower uk ii] “My Soliloquy fuse skilled instrumentation with fantastic vocals, majestic keyboards, tribal rhythms, percussion and nifty shredding”. Powerplay Magazine 8/10 [june 2005] “This is clever stuff, it’s brilliant. a stunning performance”. M. Moonshine [june 2003 rock ‘n’ roll]

Official page for My Soliloquy, progressive metal/Rock band from the UK. 'The Interpreter' out now. 'Engines Of Gravity' out September 14th 2017.