Lars "Leiðólfr" Jensen (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Flute [since 2003], founder member, Quadrivium, Skogens Trell, ex-Sworn (NOR)), Erlend Antonsen (Bass [since 2009], live member, Quadrivium, ex-Nàttsòl, ex-Descantation, ex-Marglasduk, ex-Infurya), Stine Ross Idsø (Violin [since 2008], live member), Olav Mjelva (Violin [since 2008], live member), RavenFrost (aka Kenneth Mellum) (Drums session member, Blodsgard, Formloff, Scarvest, Mistur), Espen Hammer (Bass session member), Benita Eriksdatter (Vocals session member), Sindre Nedland (Vocals live member, In Vain (NOR), Funeral (NOR))

What was, what is and what will be: Questions which have haunted many a mind over many a century, I believe.

There is little to no doubt that in order to understand how and why we are here today, we must know something about our past; our roots and heritage. This is what Myrkgrav stands for.

By exploring the rich local history from the area where main-man Lars Jensen has lived all of is life and bringing it out into music and lyrics, it is tried to make a vague attempt to prevent old knowledge from going into the infamous book of oblivion. Ringerike, Hole, Lommedalen and Sørkedalen are the areas which are given the most attention in this search for old, and they do indeed contain what can seem to be almost endless amounts of important and less important stories, tales and memories. It is culture, it is tradition - it is a part of history, and Myrkgrav does by no means whatsoever have any intention of letting these invaluable stories be forgotten under the dust of time.

Do prepare to be brainfed more folklore and local history..

No fancy new wave of anything; just plain ol' Folk Metal.