Demariel (Gortheon) (Bass Odium (NOR)), Sechtdamon ("Odd" Tony Ingebrigtsen) (Drums, Back Vocals Odium (NOR), Zyklon, Emperor, Kill All), Destructhor (Thor Anders Myhren) (Vocals, Guitar Zyklon, Morbid Angel, 1349), Savant M (Haakon Forwald) (Guitar Disiplin, Slavia, Desolation Squad, Dissection (SWE), Koldbrann, Shaarimoth), Lars Petter (Drums), Master V (Kenneth Lindberg aka Grim) (Vocals, Bass Sirius, Dimension F3H), Bjørn Thomas (Drums), Eek (Drums Funeral (NOR), Fallen (NOR), Odium (NOR), Glittertind, The Flesh)

MYRKSKOG was spawned into creation in the year 1993.

Consisting then of Destructhor (guitars), Master V (bass, vocals) and a third person by the name Lars Petter (drums). Fascinated by the extreme power to express thoughts, visual imagery, and creativity out of the ordinary, Myrkskog began its journey towards a new dimension with impulses from the scenery of horror.

In May 1994 Lars Petter left the band, and in June of the same year Bjørn Thomas entered the drumchair. Myrkskog made a rehersal from it`s first tunes and gained good responses from the little audience they had.

Later that year Myrkskog broke up due to some individual problems and the band was laid on ice In January 1995 Myrkskog was back in business with Destructhor and Master V as the leading horses. 1st of May 1995 Myrkskog started working on their first demo called Ode til Norge.

It was finished the 8th of May, and was recorded on a 4-track portable studio with a drum machine A new era was starting in April 1996. Myrkskog was on their way back with two new dedicated musicians, drummer Eek from Funeral & Odium and guitarist Secthdamon from Odium.

Still Myrkskog was in a land of confusion Nothing much happened until some time in 1997. Then Secthdamon was sitting behind the drums.

With his infernal speed on drums, Myrkskog was hitting towards a new musical direction. In December 1997 Myrkskog finally entered a studio for the first time.

Recording three tracks for labels on Planet Earth, Myrkskog wanted to show their faces in the musical mass. The recording was finished in May 1998 and is called Apocalyptic Psychotica The Murder Tape.

In the meantime of the recording, Myrkskog was fortunate to get in contact with Savant M from Desolation, Archon and Maleficum. Savant M with his guitar expression, will bring the band further in the musical direction and the visual performance.

Akkerhaugen Studio was entered in June 1999, and the recording was finished in September the same year. Planet Earth sees the release of Deathmachine in 2000, clinically sinthetic work as a result of the grand conspiracy between Myrkskog & Candlelight.

Forwards to Apocalypse, The Death Machine rolls onwards. Disagreements about the musical direction and some personal problems within the band led to another split up.

This time Savant M and Master V left, and only two members were ready continuing with Myrkskog; Destructhor and Secthdamon. The two members contacted Demariel from Odium in the autumn 2001.

They knew he were able to handle Myrkskogs incredible speed. Demariel joined the band, and wanted to show his dedication by changing his name to Gortheon, which he felt fit more properly to Myrkskogs music.

Destructhor was now handling the vocals. In April 2002 they recorded the Superior Massacre album, and it was released in August the same year.

Once again Europe got a taste of Myrkskog. The Superior Massacre...


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