Sergi "Bobby" Verdeguer (Drums), Ricard Tolosa (Bass), Filipe Baldaia (Guitar), Bernat Argemí (Guitar), Roger Andreu (Vocals)

Hailing from Andorra, a small country located between France and Spain, Nami are the embodiment of the next great wave of European metal to emerge from the continent.

Chances are, a lot of people couldn’t even tell you where Nami are from let alone what they sound like, an aspect that has only emboldened the raw beauty of what the band has created. Originally formed by Sergi Verdeguer (Drums) and Jonathan Lemos (Guitarist), the rest of the band’s lineup was quickly filled out by Roger Andreu (Vocals), Bernat Argemi (Guitars), and Ricard Tolosa (Bass), while Lemos being replaced by Filipe Baldaia (Guitars) shortly before production commenced on their debut album. Their debut album “Fragile Alignments”, which was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden), was released in 2011 by Kaiowas Records (Spain), Season of Mist/Klonosphère (France) and Year of the Sun (USA/Canada).

“Fragile Alignments” had an incredible feedback from the media such as being considered one of the best Metal albums in 2011 by several webzines and magazines. Also Nami was featured in prestigious international Rock/Metal press as METAL HAMMER (UK), LOUD! (Portugal), ROCKZONE (Spain), ROCK HARD (France) etc. To promote the debut album, Nami devotes the first months of 2012 to a tour in Spain and France and played at some Festivals acting with bands such as Marilyn Manson, In Flames, Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost… At the beginning of “The Growing Tour”, Bernat Argemí leaves the band, and the band, facing this unexpected event, could count on the invaluable support of Carlos Lozano (Persefone) who played the guitar during the whole tour.

Upon Bernat’s leave and the end of the tour, Ivan Marín joined the band as the new guitar player. As a result of a long hard work and a strong commitment of the band throughout their career, Nami got endorsement deals with Mayones Guitars & Basses, Blackstar Amps, Ampeg, Darkglass Electronics, Ludwig, Sabian, Aquarian, Vic Firth, Steve Clayton’s Picks and Wolf Meat. At the end of 2012, Nami focused on the writing of their second upcoming LP called “The Eternal Light of the Unconscious Mind” aiming to enter the studio at the end of April 2013. This time, Nami produced, recorded and edited most of the album.

At the beginning of July 2013, Nami traveled again to Sweden to mix and master the new album with Jens Bogren due to his organic style of mixing. “THIS ALBUM BEATS THE PREVIOUS ONE. AND THE PREVIOUS ONE WAS STILL THE BEST HIDDEN SECRET OF 2011.” - Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios) Much like its predecessor, “The Eternal Light of the Unconscious Mind” revolves around a central theme however, this time the concept focusses on the advancement of dreams through our conscious and unconscious states.

“With “Fragile Alignments” it is was really different”, explains vocalist Roger Andreu. “We wanted to become our own storytellers and each one of these songs is based on a dream that one of us had.

We really wanted to open up to everyone about what we were thinking, our fears, our wishes, our regrets. We knew that the only way we could grow was to be more personal and I think we accomplished that with this record.” In what concerns the new sound, Nami got much more convincing, powerful and fluid, experimenting new styles and acquiring more resources.

A journey from the Post-Rock to the Extreme Progressive Metal, counting with collaborations from Loïc Rossetti (The Ocean), Carlos Lozano and Marc Martins (Persefone). Little by little Nami is leaving their music and their track all over the world. Aside from the band’s spiraling melodies and masterful riffs, Nami has only one request that requires fulfillment: Listen closely..


New album - The Eternal Light Of The Unconscious Mind