Nazgul (ITA)

Nazgul (ITA)
Zakrathor (Vocals, Drums, Keyboard), Thornset (Guitar, Bass), Dominus Aperorum (Vocals)

Nazgûl are an Italian black metal band, formed in February 1996 and featuring Zakrathor (Vocals, Keyboard, Drums) & Thornset (Guitar, Bass). In 1998 Nazgûl recorded the demo tape "Omne est Paratum" which sold 800 copies, with two songs lasting 15 minutes.

This gathered interest in Italy and abroad, and gained them a contract with Elegy Records for the production of two albums. The incredible "De Expugnatione Elfmuth" was subsequently released in November 2002, and was recorded in the Petit Studio, with mastering at Master Arts studio, and Vite of 'Ace of Spades Tattoo' providing album art. The album is made of 14 songs, lasting 46 minutes. It's a concept of obscure fantasy matrix placed in an imaginary land, that becomes a theatre of bloody battles, and ends with the uncontestated domination of the dark horde, headed by the master of evil. Nazgûl's lyrics are completely in Latin, which, in the duo's opinion, perfectly matches the music and themes within..

In the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Nazgûl (a word from the Black Speech, usually translated 'Ringwraith') are the nine Men corrupted by the power of Sauron's Nine Rings, and transformed into his dark and deathless servants.

All lyrics are in Latin.