Near Death Condition

Near Death Condition
Patrick (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), Stephane (Vocals, Guitar), Guido (Drums), Lionel (Bass), Simon (Bass), Nicolas (Bass), Wil (Bass)

Near Death Condition was born in Switzerland and is evolving in the death-metal underground scene since 2001.

The band has recorded and released its first demo entitled “Delusional Perception of Reality” in 2005, followed by a three album signature with Unique Leader Records (USA). The first real album "The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres", mixed and mastered at Hertz Recording Studio in Poland, was released worldwide in 2011 and received very positive feedbacks from fans and press around the world.

The second effort, "Evolving Towards Extinction", released on March 18th 2014 via Unique Leader Records, has been mixed again at Hertz Recording Studio in Poland and mastered at Iguana Studio in Germany. Once again, the album has been unanimously praised by the press and fans. The band has also played live quite a lot, sharing stage with internationally acclaimed bands such as Sinister, Mercyless, Hideous Divinity, Nader Sadek, Origin, Hour Of Penance, Darkane & Texture, to name a few.

The band has played in various countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, at the third edition of the famous Silence Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal, and played at the 2015 Neurotic Deathfest edition in the Netherlands with bands such as Obituary, Immolation, Broken Hope or Pyrexia. After a series of disapointments, reflection, line-up changes and a break of almost one year and a half, the band is back in 2018, working on their 3rd album due for a late 2018 release and planning to release an exclusive song in spring. Discography: 2014 - "Evolving Towards Extinction" - Unique Leader Records Tracklisting: 1.

Words of Wisdom 2. Between the Dying and the Dead 3.

Intelligent Design 4. Pandemic of Ignorance 5.

Praise the Lord of Negation 6. The Anatomy of Disgust 7.

Anagamin 8. Evolving Towards Extinction 9.

Vertigo 10. Communing with Emptiness 11.

Nostalgia for Chaos Music by Patrick & Stéphane Lyrics by Patrick Produced & recorded by Near Death Condition Mixed @ Hertz Studio, Poland Mastered @ Iguana Studio, Germany Buy it: US - EU - 2011 - "The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres" - Unique Leader Records Tracklisting: 1. In the Name of the Destructive Storm God 2.

Trinity 3. From the Refusal of God to the Negation of Humanity 4.

Torturing the Pretentious 5. Prayer to the Universal One 6.

The Highest Vision 7. Supreme Resources of Self Annihilation 8.

Expecting Putrefaction 9. Divine Wisdom and Mastery of the Elements 10.

The Avatar 11. In Spiritual Spheres Music by Patrick & Stéphane Lyrics by Patrick (except "the Avatar" by Lionel) Produced & recorded by Near Death Condition Mixed & mastered @ Hertz Studio, Poland Buy it: US - EU - Digital - 2005 - "Delusional Perception of Reality" - Autoproduction Tracklisting: 1.

Enter the Lunatic Asylum 2. Delusional Perception of Reality 3.

Orgasm Through Autophagy 4. Changing Identity 5.

Omega Prayer 6. Delirium 7.

Torturing the Pretentious 8. Ecstatic Suffering 9.

Drink my Blood, Eat my Body 10. Betrayal Be my Name Music by Patrick Lyrics by Patrick (except "Omega Prayer" & "Betrayal Be my Name" by Lionel) Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Near Death Condition Buy it: Digital -