Desecrator (Drums live member), Amphycion (Bass), Vlad (Vocals, Guitar), Blastphemator (Drums, Back Vocals)

Hate, War, Destruction ...

terribly banal themes on the well-tridden path of the Extreme Metal world ? Perhaps, but not with Necrowretch. No, here, more time goes on and deeper we are sucked into debauchery, decadence and musical violence, as if each new album was a step more towards annihilation.

And yet, all began as a (nice) misunderstanding. The very first French band (they've been jockeying at the gates since) to leap headlong into the murky Death Metal pool at the time when a whole new generation of bands, mainly from Scandinavia, (re)discovered the joys of tape demos with black and white covers, 100% analogue recordings, totally wiping out anything approaching the merest concession. Despite line-up issues from the start, the band achieved a faultless performance, joining up with big names to spread its plague. Their greatest feat, in 2013, was signing up to a contract with German giant Century Media Records, as they started out on the DIY concert trail abroad, in Germany, Belgium and even Turkey.

Except that, instead of mindlessly ripping off the riffs of Left Hand Path or posing in phoney occult drapes, Putrid Death Sorcery (2013) and With Serpents Scourge (2015) carry out a bulldozer policy, pummeling with Black/Death blows, whose insatiable thirst for vengeance is only equaled by its conquering mindset, shaking up those who were expecting a predictable Death album. Two years on, after numerous concerts, shifts in line-up and a change of label, NECROWRETCH sign up with Season of Mist Records for a third album which has lost none of its aggressive spirit. Even worse, as Vlad, their frontman, guitarist and hurler-in-chief, points out with a smirk : "I think that the older we get, the more extreme we become !" Duly noted.

Still propulsed by the inhuman blasts of Ilmar Uibo, ex-BLOODY SIGN and now with CHAOS ECHOES, and strengthened by the addition of Kev Desecrator, of DEMONIC OATH and VENEFIXION - eclectic multi-instrumentalist, who helped them out on live sessions several times throughout the years, before joining the line-up officially - Satanic Slavery goes even further. Harder, faster, more putrid, more blasphematory, here is the record that will definitely seal the place of NECROWRETCH as the unique and worthy heir of MASSACRA at its heyday, whose madness awed everyone.

Vlad's diabolical singing and the hallucinating rhythm of hysterical, unrivalled tempos, not to mention unequivocal song titles, from 'Hellspawn Fire' or 'Bestial Rites' to 'Curse of Blasphemy'. Armed at last with a line-up worth its name and with a record sweeping all before it, NECROWRETCH hails in a new era of destruction.

And beware to those who dare rise up against it - very few will survive... Olivier « Zoltar » Badin – Mars 2017.