Miikka Merikallio (Vocals, Guitar [since 2003], ex-Kataplexia), Viktor Gullichsen (Drums [since 2007], Brymir, ex-Cardinals Folly, ex-The Coven), Jarno "Terminator X" Nurmi (Guitar [2003-2005], Desecresy, Nowen, ex-Night Must Fall, ex-Slugathor), Lari "Kalevi" Pyykkö (Drums [2003-2004]), Davi Moreira (Guitar [2005], Kataplexia), Tommy Metsälä (Bass [2005]), Pekka Johansson (Bass [2004-2005]), Otso Kirvelä (Guitar [2005]), Teemu Mutka (Drums [2004-2007], ex-Azaghal, ex-Cadaveric Incubator), Hanna Kauppinen (Bass [2005], Girl Germs)

Nerlich was formed in autumn 2003.

The members joined and left, mainly due to the young age of the group. During the first couple of years Nerlich recorded three demos, before starting to work on their first full lenght album.

These demos were later re-released by Nihilistic Holocaust and Conqueror Of Thorns Records. The debut album "Defabricated Process" was released in January 2007 via Old School Metal records.

The last recording, "Innards" EP, was done six months after finishing the debut album, but wasn't out until in 2008 when the band was already more or less split-up. The idea about reforming Nerlich appeared several years later, and the band finally returned in 2013. Obviously this also meant composing new music, though this time it took a bit longer than usually.

However, this made the new material stronger and the band finally entered studio to record a new EP titled "Eternity's Gate". The new EP will be released in October 2015 through FDA Rekotz..

Death metal and beyond, from beyond

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