Vincent "Haarath" Moretto (Vocals, Guitar ex-Cave Growl), Fabien "Elrohir" Chevalier (Bass, Back Vocals [since 2013]), Cédric "Viken" Guillo (Drums), Arnaud "Hindrik" Stefanakis (Guitar, Back Vocals ex-Cave Growl), Raphaelle "Evoken" Monvoisin (Back Vocals, Keyboard), Matis "Chiron" Peltier (Programming, Orchestrateur), Spineheart (Guitar), Nerimah (Drums), Tritt (Guitar, Back Vocals), Marvin (Guitar), Danth (Bass, Back Vocals), Anarion (Bass, Drums), Tirraël (Accordion), Karne (Guitar), Amdrid (Bass, Back Vocals), Yell (Vocals), Ced (Drums)

Three years after the shipwreck of their first line-up, Vincent 'Haarath' Moretto & Tonni 'Amdrid' Humbert planned to build another crew...

Sails up ! The adventure began in the early year of 2006. We soon found a drummer and a second guitarist that would help us in our quest.

Within about ten months of rehearsals, we were able to do something and our first stage occured in 2007 with a crew composed of four land-surveyors. The two guys held on, until the tide change the destiny of the band... In fact, liters of grog led us to mister Cédric 'Vicken' Guillo, a young matey that was going to expand our volition.

The fog was thick and we were decided to go ahead with this new drummer. As for the guitarist, the so-called Spineheart joined our cause and stayed with us for a couple of dates more.

Late 2007 saw the release of our first EP entitled "Helgardh". 2008 began with the research of a new guitarmate. Marvin Moguerou, who first joined the band as session member, came up to us.

And afterwards, various stages convinced us to integrate him as a real member of the crew. In May, a second EP entilted "Towards Abyss" permitted us to draw a feature with the previous line up.

The material was becoming more and more structured and ideas were taking a more precise shape. In June we also found a keyboardist, Raphaelle 'Evoken' Monvoisin, that gave us the opportunity to reinforce the folkloric parts of our music and to compose new stuff.

Late 2008 saw our participation to the Cernunnos Pagan Fest among great bands such as Black Messiah, Waylander, Melechesh... Early 2009 - our comrade Marvin oozed away to his own occupations; then another warrior was going to join the guild. Tritt took his place on the guitar and followed us for a short period of six months.

Then, he left band at the same time as Amdrid, who also decided to go away. Summer finally announced the arrival of good news: after several months under the signs of alcohol and feast, we were all proud to announce the advent of three new warriors, plus a debut-album called "Svingeheim", composed of ten new songs. Danth, a 22 years old pirate, perfectly assumed the bass-guitar & choirs role. Hindrik, coming from the eastern coasts of our archipelago, replaced our last guitar player and lend us his voice.

And mister Tirraël, coming from the northern lands of Svingeheim, brought his accordion and also joined the horde. Hail to them! Late 2009 saw our participation to the Crosne Medieval Fest among Trollfest, Darkestrah and more. "Guided by the strength of the wind, its spirit will protect us.

Forever, and ever..." 2010 seemed to be the most quiet year. Since the reformation of the crew, we had experienced very few stages and the weirdest situations.

Thusly, this was the year of composition. Our first album "Svingeheim" gave us the ability to create a whole universe of our own, and we pursued this way. The lead song called "Set Sails" also permitted us to gather more warriors around us, which was constantly increasing the motivation.

To sum up, we were convinced that a guild was formed, and thinking about it, a tracklist started to be composed. The second album began to be recorded in the early 2011, with the comeback of the dark atmosphere we had lost in the past years. "Alpha" was going to summon the return of the spirits that involved the creation of NIGHTCREEPERS.

Reanimated by this new labour, the crew also took the chance to open for famous bands such as Decapitated and Turisas. By now, the release date for "Alpha" is known to be on February 2012. "We'll look at the stars and howl !" THE AWAKENING - 2013 One year after the release of ALPHA, the guild announces the replacement of Danny (-bass) by Fabien Chevalier, who quickly enters the lair and brings his influences to the crew. Soon after him, we meet the young Matis "Chiron" Peltier, who comes to us with a special demand.

In fact - the guy is a home studio performer competent in choirs and orchestral, he offers us to work on our next moods, arrange all the songs we still play and add a sample live orchestra. We accept.

Here begins the development of a new era, already thinking and composing for a new album with much more possibilities and, again, a boost of motivation. The voyage goes on as an infinite experience, closer and closer to what we have always aimed. INTERLUDE - 2016.

2016 - Interlude Chapter