No Return

No Return
David Barbosa (Bass [since 2007], ex-Lucretia, ex-Untuned), Alain "Al1" Clément (Guitar [since 1989]), Geoffroy Lebon (Guitar [since 2016], ex-Ashura), Joël Barbosa (Drums [since 2013], ex-Lucretia, ex-Untuned), Michaël "Mick" Rignanese (Vocals [since 2013], ex-Destinity, ex-Tenebrum Infectus), Eric le Baron (Guitar [1990-1992]), Boban Tomic (Drums [2004-2013], Apocalypse Now, Kause 4 Konflikt, ex-Fatal, ex-Korum), Jérôme Point-Canovas (Guitar [2013-2015], Angher, Massive Charge, Sonny Red, ex-E-Force, ex-Mutanzero), Olivia Scemana (Bass [2001-2004], Boys First Time, ex-Aborted, ex-Alannah, ex-Balrog, ex-Garwall, ex-Phazm), Nicolas Coudert (Guitar [2007-2013], 7th Nemesis, ex-Korum), Didier Le Baron (Drums founder member, ex-Ixion), Moreno Grosso (Vocals [2003-2010], ex-Celtic Blood, ex-Hate Beyond, ex-Inheritance, ex-Narcotic Greed), Dirk Verbeuren (Drums session member, Scarve, Soilwork), Benoit "Ben" Antonio (Guitar [2001-2007], Indrama, ex-Droÿs, ex-Korum), Phillippe Ordon (Vocals [1990-1992], ex-Evil Power), Laurent Janault (Bass [1990-1997]), Olivier Herol (Bass [2000-2001], Apostle Of Dementia, Depravity Caused Addiction, Ferocity, Witches, ex-Absurdity, ex-Inhumate, ex-Ultima Forsam, ex-Vacarme), Laurent Plainchamp (Vocals [1998-1999], ex-Kristendom), Malko Pouchin (Keyboard [2000-2003]), L. Chuck D (Vocals [2010-2013], ghUSa, ex-Carnal Lust, ex-Yorblind), Julien Gebenholtz (Bass [2004-2006], Novagreen, ex-Lokurah), Loïc Colin (Bass Indrama, Scarve, ex-One-Way Mirror, ex-Solium Fatalis, ex-Watcha), Gaëtan Tomasello (Bass ex-Humanize, ex-Wunjo), Steeve Petit (aka Zuul) (Vocals [1999-2003], Zuul-Fx, ex-Spasm), Tanguy Bourgeois (Vocals [1992-1997], Denonciator), Nicolas Coudert (Guitar ex-Korum, ex 7th Nemesis)

When you speak about French Thrash/Death Metal Band, discussion goes up quickly to legendary NO RETURN ! One part of the pillars of the genre. The Parisian quintet was born in 1989, and although the line-up had changed, the band goes on its activities. Today, the proud owner of a dozen albums, released by majors record companies such as Nuclear Blast, Season of Mist... It played and crossed the Europe with bands like Motorhead, Arch Enemy, Dew Scented, Nile, soilwork, Nightwish...

Just to name a few. After a redesign, in 2013, band is celebrating its 25 years on the road with the arrival of J at the guitar (Sonny Red / Angher / ex-E-Force), Joel Barbosa on drums and Mick (ex-Destinity) into frontman position, an energetic training !!! Pit will be dangerous, you are now warned ! The band recorded the upcoming album "Fearless Walk to Rise" during the summer 2014 and sign a worlwide deal with Mighty music. Released date : MARCH 30th 2015.

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