Nocturnal Breed

Nocturnal Breed
Kenneth Svartalv (aka S.A. Destroyer) (Vocals, Bass [since 1996], founder member, ex-Gehenna, ex-Satyricon), Tex Terror (Drums Nuctemeron), V.Fineideath (Guitar), I.Maztor (Guitar), A.E. Rattlehead (aka Akke) (Guitar ex-Crest Of Darkness), Jamie "Astennu" Stinson (Guitar Lord Kaos, Covenant (NOR), Carpe Tenebrum, Infernal Method, Dimmu Borgir), Ed Damnator (aka Silenoz) (Guitar founder member, Dimmu Borgir), Ben Hellion (Guitar), Andy Michaels (Drums)

Ultra Speed Cult from Norway Thrash Metal Supreme Featuring members and ex.Members from; Gehenna, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Conjuration, Svartalv, Aeternus, Nuctemeron, Slogstorm, Antikrist, Aiwass, Den Saakaldte, Combath, Einaugd, Brain Death. Lock up your souls and your daughters !!! Metal to the Bone !!!!! S.A Destroyer - Vocal & Bass - Founder Mar/Apr 1996 Tex Terror - Drums & Backing Vocals - Since Jan 1998 I.Maztor - Lead & Rythm Guitar - Since August 1997 V.Fineideath - Since Dec 2010 DEMOZ Raping The Angels "Demo" - 1996 Black Cult "Demo" - 1997 Armageddon Nights "Demo" - 1998 ALBUMS Aggressor 1997 No Retreat...

No Surrender 1998 The Tools of the Trade 2000 Fields of Rot 2007 OTHER Raping Europe 1997 . 10" Tour Vinyl.

Limited Triumph of the Blasphemer - EP 1997 Motormout - 7" 2003 Warthog - 7" 2003 Re-Issues 5 Album CD Box Set. Limited 2005 Black Cult - Demo Collection CD - 2005 .

Metal To the Bone