Mike Browning (Vocals, Drums ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Incubus, After Death, Acheron), Demian Heftel (Guitar), Belial Koblak (Guitar, Back Vocals), Daniel Tucker (Bass), Steve (Keyboard Nocturnal), Dan Izzo (Vocals), Gino Marino (Guitar Incubus, After Death), Rick Bizzaro (Drums), Jeff Estes (Bass), James Marcinek (Drums), Sean McNenny (Guitar), Richard Bateman (Bass After Death, Purgatory, Agent Steel), Louis Panzer (Keyboard), Mike Davis (Guitar), Emo Mowery (Vocals, Bass)

In 2013, Mike Browning formed Nocturnus AD as a reformed version (not a reunion) of Nocturnus that will continue on where "The Key" album left off.

The band utilizes the same members as After Death but the music will be much more technical and in the vein of "The Key" album originall released by Nocturnus in 1990. Their first official live peformance will be at Maryland Deathfest in May of 2014. Fast forward to 2019 and we have signed to Profound Lore Records and just released our debut album Paradox on May 24th 2019!.

Nocturnus AD - Technical/Sci-Fi Occult Metal - Mike Browning Drums/Vocals Demian Heftel Guitar Belial Koblak Guitar Daniel Tucker Bass Josh Holdren Keys