Nomans Land

Nomans Land
Sigurd (Vocals, Guitar), Hjervard (Vocals, Bass), Ainar (Drums), Bardi (Guitar), Boric Sen'kin (Bass), Wild (Vocals), Beliy (aka Sergey Voevodin) (Drums), Ilya (Keyboard), Troll (aka Kostya Rumyancev) (Vocals, Guitar), Torvald (Guitar), Andrey (Guitar)

Nomans Land was formed in Saint Petersburg in spring1996.

Initially the group focused mostly on Doom Metal but in the course of its formation the concept underwent a big change and became Viking Metal. By the end of 1999 Nomans Land was fully prepared to start up the full format album and in summer 2000 they recorded it in Signal records studio (Russia).

The album was called "Last son of the fjord" and was released by Fono Records (Russia) the same year. Right after the debut album was ready the drummer and bass-guitar player left the group; however, in almost no time these vacancies were taken by Ainar (drums) and Hjervard (bass).

Since that moment the permanent band musicians were Sigurd - Guitar/Vocal, Torvald - Guitar, Ainar - Drums, Hjervard - Bass. The group starts its intense performing activity in Saint Petersburg clubs and takes part in big variety of local music festivals. The whole year 2001 was basically dedicated to accumulating the material for the second album.

Creative atmosphere made them come across an idea to enrich the sound by keyboards, so they invited their good friend Igor Pelekhaty to participate in the recording. As a result of this cooperation they came up with 10 compositions and started the recording work for the new album "Hammerfrost" in Calypso studio, summer 2002.

Besides, not long before that the new singer Wild (screaming stile) joined the group. By March 2003 the album was ready.

Meanwhile, Nomans Land keeps having its concert activity, and as the session keyboard player, Ilya Denisov joins group. Nomans Land starts looking for the label for releasing their new album "Hammerfrost" and in the course of negotiations arrives to an agreement with German based label Einheit-Produktionen.

At the same time the group found itself in the middle of technical and creative disagreement and had to say goodbye to Wild, and it didn't take them long to make a decision: Hjervard approached the microphone. 21st February 2005 "Hammerfrost" was released in Europe by Einheit-Produktionen. Shortly after the completition of the recording the band loses Torvald, who cites personal problems and fatigue as reasons for his departure.

The band´s new opus features eleven tracks including „Raven Flight“. After six weeks of hard studio work the band plus Christian enter Thrudheim Studio in Germany for the final mixdown.

In September 2006 Alex of Sound Art Studio overtakes the album´s mastering. Then Nomans Land prepare for concert activities in order to promote their new album „Raven Flight“.

A short tour with their German brothers Thrudvangar and Czechs Trollech follows. Then the brave Russians commenced the works for their next record „Farnord“, for which everybody involved had an exorbitant high quality in mind – in terms of song material as well as production values. First audio samples completely confirm full success, phenomenal Viking Metal anthems have been composed, previously known only from Nomans Land themselves.

Catchy melodies, majestic and superior clean vocal passages and top-notch instrumentation inevitably fascinate with pure magic. The new killer record was produced at the renowned Sevik Audio Studio in Finland where the creative body received a grand sound design. Now the new album "Last Crusade" is already done.

It was recorded and mixed at Madmix studio (Finland) by Aki Väkevä. Jaakko Viitalähde did mastering.

It contains eight songs and one of them is folk russian song called "Bereza". Also recently the new video has been made for song "Strain at the oars" from new album.

Year 2014 the band signed a deal with Massacre records and getting ready for the album release on April 24th 2015. Artwork and design for the alum were made by the legendary Jan "Örkki" Yrlund “Darkgrove Design”..

Nomans Land is one of the most considerable groups of Russian metal scene. Having gathered to the high-grade team in 1998 the group defined a genre for itself in which it is interesting to work. It is Viking Metal with Folk melodies. The group made an good impression by its originality from the first performances. Clinking beautiful guitar melodies make the listeners feel the spirit of Viking era and plunge into the atmosphere of cruel but at the same time wonderful nature of the North. Many reviewers emphasize that the melodizm is the strong point of the group. Creativity of the band was influenced by such groups as Slayer, Amorphis, Iron Maiden and many other famous groups of the present but the group has the unique atmosphere, as Nomans Land fans affirm.

Official Nomans Land music video "Strain at the oars"