Stephane Geiser (Guitar, Bass, Programming), Yann Siegenthaler (Drums), Mirco Parata (Bass), Annamaria Cozza (Vocals), Matt Walters (Guitar), Gil Reber (Drums), Yann Berger (Guitar)

“The best of the best of Rob Zombie, Unloco, Lacuna Coil and Marilyn Manson” Artists & Bands, Italy .

“Jeder Song ist ein Kunstwerk für sich” Metalswitzerland, Switzerland “A seemingly unlimited supply of beautiful, memorable melodies (...). If they keep this up it’ll only be a matter of time for them” Metalstorm, US “Totally awesome album" Ravenheart, UK “Alternative & goth are perfectly mixed and it seems to remind of many bands…but no one in particular….this is the secret of this band" Gryphonmetal, Switzerland "Le combo frappe un grand coup avec ce premier opus" Lords of Rock, Switzerland

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