Nox (NL)

Nox (NL)
Seth Van De Loo (Vocals), Oskar Van Paradijs (Guitar), Niels Adams (Vocals), Rob Oorthuis (Guitar), Rob Dussel (Drums), Patrick Boleij (Bass)

Hailing from The Netherlands, Nox destroys and creates death metal since december 2001.

The band derived her name from occult lore where ‘Nox’ (latin for ‘night’) is seen as ‘The Darkness of the Unconscious’, or ‘The Unconscious Will’. Nox exalts Choronzon 333, a chaotic Spirit residing in a sphere between life and death, an abyss of anti-matter and anti-logic.

Within this ‘hell’, True Knowledge is found, hence the band’s dedication to Choronzon. Nox propagates Opposition to anything that stands in the way of reaching Illumination and Liberation of one’s Self.

As there is not one Choronzon, there is not one Nox. Spread The Gospel.

Sic Luceat Nox !!!.

Reverse the flesh !!!

Choose death and bleed for the Lord thy God!!!333