Obliteration (NOR)

Obliteration (NOR)
Sindre Solem (Vocals Nekromantheon), Arild M. Torp (Guitar Nekromantheon), Didrik Telle (Bass), Kristian Valbo (Drums)

OBLITERATION is a young Death metal band from Kolbotn (home of Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Lamented Souls among others), Norway. They started out in 2001 and have ever since left a trail of destruction behind them with HELLBLAZING gigs and rock ...

solid releases. After a rehearsal demo in 2006 OBLITERATION were asked to sign with cult label Tyrant Syndicate, a sub-label of Peaceville records, which is run by Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone. OBLITERATION released the debut album "Perpetual Decay" in may 2007 which got great reviews worldwide, and a UK tour with doomsters Ramesses followed. In 2009 OBLITERATION unleashed upon this earth their second album, Nekrospalms through the Norwegian label Fysisk Format.

Nekropsalms was recorded by the band themselves in their own studio at Kolbotn in one week, DIY style. Nekropsalms is a cosmic blend of old school death metal mixed with the best elements from doom, punk, thrash and old school black metal, and after 8 years, OBLITERATION have finaly found their own repulsive style. The album got rave reviews world wide, both in the underground and in more mainstreem circuts.

NEKROPSALMS was awarded "album of the year" in Norwegian magazine Natt og Dag in 2009, and won OSLOPRISEN for best album in 2009. "“Well well well, what we have here is the second album of the Kolbotn maniacs, and they have with this recording succeeded at what we in Darkthrone attempted on our “Soulside Journey” and “Goatlord” albums – a death metal masterpiece" - Fenriz of DARKTHRONE. After the release of Nekropsalms, Obliteration spread their dark message throughout the earth, touring USA and the UK and had several festival apperances at Maryland Death Fest, Hole in the Sky, Øya Festivalen, Live Evil, Killtown death fest, several one-off shows and so forth. Now, in MMXIII, Obliteration returns after a three year hiatus with a devastating monument of death. Recorded once again in their own DIY studio at Kolbotn, to capture the band's fire on tape, “Black Death Horizon” delivers seven sepulchral tracks of haunting death metal. Render your soul to the Black Death Horizon! "Cenotaph Obscure is the fourth album from Norway's death metal custodians OBLITERATION.

Following their now classic Nekropsalms (2009) and the harrowing Black Death Horizon (2013), the latest offering further expands on the quartet's trademark sound; lead heavy oldschool death metal with distinct flavours of both doom and black metal. Inventive yet never difficult to grasp, technical without wankery and obscure without being diffuse, OBLITERATION are masters at their craft.

Cenotaph Obscure was recorded in Studio Cobra, Stockholm with Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona at the helm, lending the album an organic yet in your face production. In perfect keeping with the music, the lyrics deal with dystopic, apocalyptic themes, extinct civilizations and interdimensional portals etc.

With Cenotaph Obscure, OBLITERATION cement their status as leaders in the Norwegian death metal scene, delivering a grizzly yet flawless monument to Death metal the way it was meant to be; obscure, ominous and unpredictable."- Einar Sjursø ( Virus, Infernö. Duplicate Records)..

Norwegian Death Metal. Official OBLITERATION page on facebook, run by the band. https://obliteration.bandcamp.com/ http://obliteration.indierecordings.no/

http://obliteration.indierecordings.no https://obliteration.bandcamp.com/ http://www.darkdescentrecords.com