Odious Mortem

Odious Mortem
Joel Horner (Guitar, Bass Decrepit Birth), Dan Eggers (Guitar Decrepit Birth), Kc Howard (Drums Decrepit Birth, Element), Anthony Trapani (Vocals Carnivorous, Severed Savior), Ivan Munguia (Bass Brain Drill, Carnivorous), David Siskin (Guitar)

Odious Mortem was formed in 2000 by Dan Eggers (guitar, vocals), David Siskin (guitar) and KC Howard (drums).

Joel Horner (bass) joined the band in 2004 and they released their debut album 'Devouring the Prophecy' in 2005 on Unique Leader Records. Anthony Trapani became the new lead vocalist in 2005. After finishing the Bloodletting V tour, Odious recorded their second album 'Cryptic Implosion', released in 2007 on Willowtip Records.

Ivan Munguia (bass) also played live with the band that year. Currently a third album 'Synesthesia' is in the works and will be completed in 2017, on Willowtip Records..

Death Metal