Odium (NOR)

Odium (NOR)
Sechtdaemon (Vocals Myrkskog, Zyklon, ex-Emperor), Demariel (Guitar Myrkskog), Charon Martyras (Bass), Eek (Drums Funeral (NOR), The Flesh, Fallen, Glittertind, ex-Myrkskog), Bastadon (Guitar)

Odium's existence began in the year of 1994 with only three members; Demariel (Gortheon), Charon Martyras and Secthdamon.

Drummer Anders Eek joined the band in 1995. After some months of rehearsals, Odium entered the studio to record a six-track promo tape.

The band got offers from several minor labels and ended up signing with French Velvet Music. Later in 1995 the band hooked up with keyboardist Bastadon, and the line-up was complete. In December 1996 Odium entered studio Stovner to record their debut "The Sad Realm of the Stars".

Due to serious delays in the studio, the recording wasn't actually finished before springtime 1998. Nocturnal Art Productions later bought the rights for the album and Odium was released from their contract with French Velvet Music.

If the album actually had been put out in 1996 when it was first recorded, Odium probably would have made a stronger impact in the scene. Odium has been lurking in the shadows, much due to not having a fully dedicated line-up.

Though, the band has never given up. ...

Later, the line-up was seriously reduced, only Demariel and Secthdamon were remaining. Keymaster Vector joined the band for the recording of one new track called Altering the state of being in 2001 which shows a more aggressive approach of the band. The original members of Odium have later been active with other bands.

Secthdamon and Demariel both joined Myrkskog. Secthdamon was also the vocalist and bassist for Zyklon, and has been the session bass for Emperor since 2005. The band was resurrected again in 2018 with a new lineup, Dominator (Myrkskog, Ex- Dark Funeral) joined on drums, Destructhor ( Myrkskog, Zyklon, ex-Morbid Angel) on guitar, Righ ( Cor Scorpii, ex-Windir) and Morindune joined on keys. .

Odium began in 1994. Debut album The Sad Realm of the Stars was released by N.A.P. in 1998. The album was reissued through Blood Music in 2013 & 2018. The band has recently played a few selected live shows.