Philipp (Drums, Percussions [since 1999]), Natalie (Vocals, Flute [since 2005]), Stickel (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals, Folk Instruments, Flute [since 1999]), Manuel "Marley" (Bass [since 2003], XIV Dark Centuries), Fix (Vocals, Guitar, Folk Instruments, Flute, Mandolin, Percussions [since 1998], Menhir), Veit (Back Vocals, Cello, Violin [since 2004]), Ivonne (Vocals, Keyboard [1998-2005]), Heinz (Bass), Ralf (Bass, Back Vocals [1998], ex-Menhir)

Odroerir exists since autumn of 1998, when Fix started Odroerir as a project with Fenrir, who wanted to provide him with lyrics...

From the beginning, the music was intended to be a calmer and more epic form of “Pagan Metal”, where folklore/medieval melodies should dominate. Unlike other bands in the genre, we intended to perform ingeniously without speed-attacks or double-bass drumming, but with various natural instruments, eclectic vocals and other stylistic devices...

The texts should also reveal the multifaceted topic of Germanic and Celtic mythology, the pre- and early history of the heathen Europe and all about the life, the death and the history of our ancestors... ..

At the end of 1999 Fix (guitars, vocals) restructured the band to enable live activities... In spring of 2000, the first official 5-track-demo “Iring” was recorded together with Stickel (guitar, vocals), Ivonne (vocals), Ralph (bass-guitar) and Philipp (drums).

Shortly after, the first shows were being planned... ..

In 2001 Ars Metalli published the first album “Laßt euch sagen aus alten Tagen…” which, to our surprise, was sold out after a short time. The first album was re-released a few years later by ourselves...

.. In autumn of 2003, we rushed to the studio once again with new music.

Two of those songs, initially intended as promo material, were chosen in 2003 to be released as an illustrative 7inch EP by the young new label Det Germanske Folket... ..

In 2005 we signed a new contract and “Einheit Produktionen” published the mammoth piece “Götterlieder”, which is the audio version of the first part of “Edda”. After some line-up changes over the years, Odroerir played a lot of gigs and festivals and started the first European Tour together with Eluveitie (Switzerland) in 2006.

In 2007 we went on tour once again, this time together with Tyr (Faroe Islands) and Black Messiah (Germany)... ..

In 2008 we started the long writing and recording process of the next album “Götterlieder II” which was interrupted by diverse live shows and another European Tour, this time together with two German Bands Helfahrt and Gernotshagen... ..

The recording of our new album “Götterlieder II” was finished in 2010, so that we were able to release it in the same year. It’s the second part of the audio version of the “Edda”, therefore a consistent continuation of our previous album “Götterlieder”.

After the release we played a lot of shows and were looking forward to the next European tour. Since autumn 2010 Odroerir has a new bandmember: Karlson has joined our horde to play the guitar, bagpipe, flutes and to complete the vocal arrangements. In autumn 2011 we started to the „Black Trolls over Europe Tour III“ together with Suidakra, Waylander, our friends of XIV Dark Centuries, Cruadalach and Chain of Dogs.

The things in 2012 are going well: we are working on new material for the next album. As far as we can tell you, it will be the third part of our „Götterlieder“-Saga. .