One Man Army And The Undead Quartet

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
Pekka Kiviaho (Guitar), Pierre Lysell (Guitar), Robert Axelsson (Bass), Johan Lindstrand (Vocals ex-The Crown), Marek Dobrowolski (Drums), Mikael Lagerblad (Guitar), Valle Adzic (Bass)

One man army and the undead quartet was formed in the summer of 2004 by frontman Johan Lindstrand after he had served as a singer in classic death metal outfit The Crown for a long time.

The band released a demo called ”When hatred comes to life” in early 2005 which gave them a record deal with Nuclear Blast. Soon after the deal was inked the band went on and recorded the classic debut album ”21st century killing machine” which was released in early 2006.

An extensive 1,5 month tour followed as support to Finnish metalmight Children of Bodom. Other great tours and festivals with bands like Hypocrisy, Soilwork and Amorphis came after that and gave the band really huge promotion and a place on the map.

An anti Christmas single was released in December 2006 followed by the headlining X-Mas mayhem tour In early 2007 they recorded the second album called ”Error in evolution” which had a different sound compared to the first album. More melody and experiments.

A European tour with Gorefest was done along with some festivals in support of that album. The third album dubbed ”Grim tales” was recorded in the middle of 2008 and released in October that same year by Massacre records.

An album that took them back to the death metal roots. Brutal and groovy with no experiments, the way that this band was intended to sound.

Soon after the release they did a succesfull European tour with death metal veterans Unleashed. In the middle of 2009 a new line-up was formed and exstensive rehearsals for album No 4 begun.

An album entitled The Dark Epic… A more dark sound with more twists than before was introduced in the band. All the happy melodies was just pure memory and One man army once again proved that true energy comes from true death!!! This new masterpiece was recorded October 2010. The Dark Epic… is scheduled to be released February 25 – 2011 on Massacre Records. Buy or die!! To be continued......

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