One More Victim (RUS)

One More Victim (RUS)
Egor Kolosov (Guitar), Nikita Valdaev (Drums Borow), Daniil Krasovskiy (Vocals), Alexey Samartsev (Bass Borow, ex-DeathMorning), Nikita Poloznikov (Guitar), Sergey Shagovaleev (Bass Endsmouth)

The debute EP of One More Victim has been released on April, 11, 2009.

It is distributed free of charge via torrent and various file stores in different formats - mp3 and FLAC. Waiting To Exhale contains the most juicy and slicked songs ever made by the band during several years of work.

Hopefully after their loud debut EP Waiting to Exhale in 2009 they already recorded a new work. Now you can check a new single Architects of Sanity from full-lenght album Dominion.

So hope you enjoy it! .

Metal band from deep heart of Siberia, Russia