Orpheus Omega

Orpheus Omega
Joao Goncalves (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2008]), Chris Themelco (Vocals, Guitar [since 2008], ex-Ends In Torment, ex-Bane Of Winterstorm), Matthew Themelco (Drums [since 2008], ex-Ends In Torment), Owen Keswick Gallagher (Keyboard [since 2011]), Nathan Mesiti (Bass [since 2014]), Sasha Braganca (Keyboard [2008-2011]), Adam "Milky" Adams (Bass, Back Vocals [2008-2013], died in 2013), Daniel Ralph (Bass [2013-2014], Naberus)

Formed in 2008, Orpheus Omega is a 5 piece Melodic Death Metal band from Melbourne, Australia.

Their formative sound was based on the early Gothenburg melodic death metal movement but has evolved over the years into a truly unique entity within and outside the Melodic Death Metal genre. Since the release of 2013's acclaimed 'ResIllusion', ORPHEUS OMEGA have cemented themselves as one of Melodic Death Metal's most promising newcomers. After a slew of national support slots with Dark Tranquillity, Children Of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie and more, followed by a 2 week headlining tour of Asia, the band are now ready to unleash their 3rd album, 'Partum Vita Mortem', a concept album exploring the human condition through Birth, Life and Death across an hour of unrelenting musicianship.

Featuring aggressive and melodic guitar work, intricate and powerful drumming, chaotic keyboard work and a varied array of vocal stylings, the album is sure to become a staple in modern Melodic Death Metal..

Australian Melodic Death Metal