Ouroboros (AUS)

Ouroboros (AUS)
Chris Jones (Guitar Sorathian Dawn, ex-Dred, ex-Black Asylum), Michael Conti (Bass, Back Vocals Denis Vlachiotis, Sorathian Dawn, ex-Dred), David Horgan (Drums Denis Vlachiotis, Gods Of Eden, Paradigm, Sorathian Dawn), Evgeny Linnik (Vocals ex-Celestial, ex-Dred), Denis Vlachiotis (Guitar)

Ouroboros embraces all the hallmarks of technical-death metal: a mysterious name, heavily distorted sounds, and virtuosic playing ability.

This Sydney-based quartet has been applauded by critics who say that “Ouroboros is one of the finest death metal bands in the country…” and will "…settle for no less than perfection" (Metal Obsession & MetalReviews). Industry-leaders have acknowledged Ouroboros’ talents via awards for ‘best unsigned band’, ‘best bass player’ and ‘best drummer’ at the Australian Heavy Metal Awards.

In addition to this, The Australia Council (the arts funding body of the Australian government) awarded the band a generous grant to support the production of their newest album 'Emanations'. In the midst of the live music scene, the band has developed a well-deserved reputation for producing extremely tight and unforgettable performances. Ouroboros has performed on the stage with some of the most notable names in metal including Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, Cradle Of Filth, Epica, Necrophagist, Portal, Dying Fetus, Aborted, The Amenta, Sadistik Exekution, Sybreed and The Faceless.

The band's debut album, Glorification of a Myth, was released in June 2011 and has been hailed by critics as "A new benchmark for death metal production..." (Metal-Archives). The album showcased the band’s unbridled talent and commitment to producing world-class music.

Glorification of a Myth was followed up with a music video for ‘Sanctuary’, one of the most popular songs from the album. Shortly after the video's premiere on MTV and Rage, one critic claimed that "it’s quite possibly the best video done by a local band ever!” (theMusic) The video was produced in collaboration with director Paul Shedlowich who used guerrilla film-making techniques to realise his dark and frenetic vision for the clip. The Australia Council for the Arts awarded Ouroboros a $20,000 grant to assist fund the production of the band’s next album, Emanations: an ambitious project which incorporates music recorded in collaboration with a leading symphony orchestra in Prague.

This exciting new album has already enjoyed a great deal of press including interviews with The Australian, Triple M, Triple J, 3AW, HEAVY Magazine and Revolver Magazine. The decision to incorporate a symphony orchestra was largely influenced by the band’s admiration for western art music as well as their drive to break the norms of their genre. According to Ouroboros’ guitarist and orchestrator Chris Jones “The orchestra has a limitless ability to evoke great emotion and we want to harness that power for our next release.

This collaboration with a symphonic orchestra will add colossal support to our sound and will ultimately create something powerful, unique and exciting.” Emanations is available now..