Overdose (BRA)

Overdose (BRA)
Pedro Amorim "Bozó" (Vocals), Cláudio David (Guitar), Jairo Guedz (Guitar), André Márcio (Drums), Helio Eduardo (Drums), Fernando Pazzini (Bass), Gustavo Monsanto (Bass), Eddie Weber (Bass), Ricardo Souza (Guitar), Sérgio Cichovicz (Guitar)


More than a quarter of a century after its foundation, regarded as one of the pillars and certainly one of the most influential Latin America's Metal bands since its first record session in the early 80's, OVERDOSE, the legendary Brazilian band based in Belo Horizonte, once in a while surprises us with some sporadic appearances in some festival. Though not frequently enough to satisfy their Overfanatics and faithful followers! We haven't lost our faith yet, so we keep on looking forward to having our wait rewarded by the announcement of the successor to SCARS, latest Overdose effort, its 1996's last studio contribution to the originality in Metal, something the style misses even more nowadays! Come on, let's fly again! OVERDOSE forever and ever! "Enquanto aquela estrela brilhar no azul do céu o heavy nunca vai parar de rolar" Tudo que eu sei Que era carnaval No alto do morro "cumendo o maió" pau Cadê os marginal ? É tudo animal Cadê os policial ? É tudo marginal Sai daí "corujão" !! Aluquissarrerá!!

Aluquissarrerá !!!