Oxidised Razor

Oxidised Razor
Jhony (Vocals), Aaron (Guitar), Luis (aka Cryptas) (Drums), Luis (aka Brain) (Bass)

We formed at the end of ’98, About the releases that we made, we did just a rehearsal demo with a deficient quality, but this helped us to contact a label, and they liked the style and the power of our demo, and they decided to give us the oportunity and here is the result.

The demo was just for our friends and for some labels. The name of the band, comes from one song of CARCASS of the first disc, we were identified with it because it isn’t a very common name and it hinted our style.

The basic line-up is: Luis- Drums, Jhony- Vocals, and Aaron Guitars, Our frien Kei is a good bassist player and the basic line-up is the same since 1998, in that year Johny and Aaron made this project. We have different influences as: G.B.N.

, FEAR OF GOD, CANNIBAL CORPSE (old), TERRORIZER , NAPALM DEATH (old), GENERAL SURGERY, SIEGE, AGATHOCLES, REGURGITATE, HEMDALE, MORTICIAN, NECRONY, AND THE GODS GUT AND CARCASS. The concept is based on a realistic tematic of acts/accidents that occur everyday, and dirty stories w/ pornography (GORE).

We decided play this style for our frienship and because we like the feeling for this music, and for underground scene. We been playing live with many different grind / hc / death bands since 10 years ago.

On the year 2000, we entered on a professional studio and recorded some songs. On February of 2001 American Line Prods released our first CD, With this the band were recognized worldwide.

The album title is: "LA REALIDAD ES SANGRIENTA" (THE REALITY IS GORE) and this album still receiving very good reviews. On the second part of 2001, Aaron had an accident that stoped the band about 3 months.

We appeared in the TRIBUTE to REGURGITATE cd on B.L.P (Czeck) And in GORE DOMINATION comp. of American Line Prds.(Mex) .

AMERICAN LINE putted out some Oxidised Razor's Tshirts with a great design and color quality. And by the end of year 2001 we came back to de-compose new stuff and some other shits.

(2002) We made a promo live, only for labels, and zines. Obliterations Recs from Japan was interested in us, and released our second cd, that came out on the end of year.

The name of our second cd was “...CARNE... SANGRE...” that contained pure new fuckin' stuff and a couple covers in our own style...

On the early days of January of 2003 the qualified cd ... CARNE...

SANGRE ... goes out for sale worldwide because Obliteration Recs of Japan.

Making an excellent distribution with this label. The album contains 9 new topics + 2 covers.

with great sound quality, Obtaining this way excellent commentaries and reviews. On April/May of 2004 a new Cd was released, it was a split with our friends of C.a.r.n.e., that on our part contains a chronology of the band, where we putted on the songs of the our demo, the promo, live tracks and unreleased cover tracks.

For this time played live enough having great acceptance by the people, we played live at the Masacre Fest (one of the best festivals organized in Mexico) with bands as Cacofonia, Deep Red (finland), c.a.r.n.e among others having great acceptance. On first days of 2004 we had good contact with Angelos and Authopagia, an decided to make a split, deus mortus prods.

label from the USA released this CD with great acceptance and very good distribution, the split was sold out in 6 months!!! Great release with a poster conmemorative by Oxidised Razor. on 2006 deus mortus released our full digi CD "Los vendedores de la muerte" that contains news songs and 2 covers from veterans bands, in this case, Siege and Machetazo, great influence for us.

this cd contains a 20 mins video of us playing live in most important fest, the video was taken on the Masacrefest 2005, it was added as cdroom track, this album was very well received in the scene and move very fast. In 2007 diablos recs released a split with the germans MEATKNIFE, great split with downtunner masters, this band is one of our influences… On 2008 we had some recording sessions and recorded some covers of our fave bands, the result of this was a new MCD released by HALF LIFE RECS from the USA, with a killer little format of 3" CD, this was very slow to make and is released in march of this year. .


¡¡¡ GORE GRIND since 1998 ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡