Pagan Altar

Pagan Altar
Alan Jones (Guitar), Luke Hunter (Guitar), Terry Jones (Vocals), Ian Winters (Drums), Richard Walker (Guitar), Trevor Portch (Bass), Mark Elliot (Drums), Andy Green (Drums), Diccon Harper (Bass)

Their gigs were characterised by moody, epic and heavy music interpreted with highly visual stage aspect which accented their interest for occult themes.

Pagan Altar's only release from that era was independent, self-released, self-titled cassette which was in later years bootlegged. It was finally officially re-released on Oracle Records in 1998 and titled Volume 1.

Despite no label interest in the late 70's and early 80's, the timelessness of their music ultimately prevailed as minions of doom-obsessed metalheads kept Pagan Altar's music alive over two and a half decades.. ..Mid-first decade of the 21st century, the group had reformed to re-record an album of material written, but never released during their original tenure as a band.

That album, ..Lords of Hypocrisy.., has been met with an incredible reception from fans of doom both old and new, this was followed by a third full length, named ..Mythical and Magical. Pagan Altar are back on the road after 5 years to record there new album "Never quite dead" with there very own purpose built recording studio for this album in Terry's back garden. Playing gigs worldwide to the bands loyal and ever increasing fanbase with new members behind Alan and Terry to form the backbone of the bonecrunching Pagan Altar live sound...Joining them is Vince Hempstead on Guitars, William Gallagher on Bass & Dean Alexander on drums. Be prepared for a fresh new Pagan Altar .

.... ..Behind the Cloak.., an exceedingly more detailed and painstaking account of Pagan Altar history than this may be read at the bands website .

Pagan Altar, formed 1976 by Alan and Terry Jones, they are one of the few NWOBHM bands to play doom metal. For all Merchandise enquiries email; or add me on FB!

NWOBHM Band formed in 1978. For all Merchandise enquiries email: