Simon "BloodHammer" Schilling (Drums [since 2013], At The Grave, Belphegor (AUT), Streams Of Blood, Nargaroth, Nervecell, ex-Paragon Belial, ex-Der Weg einer Freiheit, ex-Fleshcrawl), Nils Petersen (Guitar [since 2012]), Søren Lønne (Vocals [since 2013], ex-Exmortem, ex-Mordor), Michael "Panzergeneral" Enevoldsen (Bass [since 1994], ex-Angel Accelerator Death, ex-Illdisposed), Reno Killerich (Drums [2000-2004] [2006-2008], ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Exmortem, ex-Old Man's Child, ex-Vile), Nicolej Brink (Bass [1994-1996]), Magnus Jorgensen (Vocals [2010-2012], ex-Adversary, ex-Crocell), Lasse Hoile (Vocals [1993-1999], ex-Angel Accelerator Death), Mads Lauridsen (Drums [2011-2012], The Cleansing, ex-Konkhra, ex-Demon Realm), Lasse Bak (Guitar, Keyboard [2008-2012], ex-Illdisposed, ex-Slow Death Factory), Johnny Pump (Vocals [2008-2010], ex-Ad Noctum), Morten Loewe Sørensen (Drums [2008-2011], Submission, The Arcane Order, Instant Carnage, Icon In Me, Strangler, The Cleansing, Amaranthe, ex-Scarve, ex-Disavowed), Michael Kopietz (Guitar [1999-2000], Chainfist), Bo Summer (Vocals [2000-2008] [2012-2013], At The Grave, Illdisposed), Rasmus Henriksen (Guitar [2002-2011], Demolition Inc., ex-Die, ex-Slow Death Factory), Rasmus Norland (Guitar), Kim Jensen (Guitar), Frederik O`Carroll (Guitar), Jes Christensen (Guitar), Finn Henriksen (Guitar [1994-1996], Incipit), Karina Bundgaard (Bass, Keyboard [1996-1999] [2006-2011])

Panzerchrist was formed in 1994 as a result of band General Michael Enevoldsen wanting to make even more hard hitting music than what he already did with the band he left; Illdisposed.

The first two albums, Six Seconds Kill and Outpost Fort Europa, was Danish Death Metal at a medium pace and both received good reviews. But it was not until the 2000 release, Soul Collector, that Panzerchrist settled on the War themed formula that would shape the sound and style of the band in the years to come.

With the exception of founder Michael Enevoldsen everyone else was replaced for this release. Drummer Reno Kiilerich was taken in and proved quickly that he would play a significant part in taking the band to the desired level of brutality.

The result was a high tempo and very brutal album that critics all over the world highly praised. In 2003 the band would release the album Roomservice.

With the war theme dominating every aspect of the creative process, Panzerchrist wanted this album to create the feeling of being rolled over by a big Tank. Faster and more diverse than Soul Collector, Roomservice also received very well with reviewers.

In 2006 it was time for the follow up to Roomservice. Wanting to innovate and still stay true to the theme of war, Panzerchrist chose to darken the feel of this album that would be known as Battalion Beast.

Again, the album was even more brutal than it's predecessors and was highly acclaimed. Now, in 2011 it is time for the release of Regiment Ragnarok on Listenable Records.

New soldiers have been taken in again, and the album will be even faster and more brutal than the releases before it. With 5 critically acclaimed albums and the 6th just around the corner, 2011 will also be the year Panzerchrist turns it's devastating artillery from your speakers to your face, and play live for the first time in 11 years.

In 2013 medio Jan & end of Mar Panzerchrist got new member to the lineup,Drummer Simon Schiling former Fleshcrawl & Vocalist Søren Tintin Lønholdt former vocalist in Exmorten. The 1st of April Panzerchrist when to record in Death Island studio there 7 album entitled 7th Offensive.

It'll be releast on Listenable Rec on the 15th og July in Europa & 8th of Aug in USA. The War's Over - Let's Start A New One.

Forward Panzer - Death Forever Panzer..

Blackened death metal band -- Currently 15/7 - 2013 released our 7th album in Europa (on the 18/8 - 2013 in the Usa) ,7th OFFENSIVE on Listenable Records.