Paragon Belial

Paragon Belial
Endridi (Drums), Irmalath (Guitar), Andras Classen (Vocals, Bass), Ralph (Guitar), Marcus "Zahgurim" Losen (Drums)

~PARAGON BELIAL's BANDHISTORY~: In 1994 "Andras" (the original vocalist of the first "BETHLEHEM" album "Dark Metal") founded a new band called "PARAGON BELIAL" playing raw and hatefull Black Metal! The Line-up was completed by guitarist "Ralph" and drummer "Zahgurim".

"Andras" handles the vocals and the bass since the day he founded "PARAGON BELIAL"! "Andras" decided to leave "BETHLEHEM" to devote himself completely to "PARAGON BELIAL". 1996 appears the album "Hordes of the Darklands" (FOLTER REC.) limited to a 1000 copies.

At the end of 1996 the bandmembers decided to go separate ways!!! Zahgurim joins "BETHLEHEM" (he played drums on "S.U.I.Z.I.D.", "Reflektionen aufs Sterben" and on the Vinyl single "Alles Tot") under the name "Losen". 1998 "Andras" founded another new band called "DARK CREATION" that got pretty well knowen in the underground scene by there 2 demotapes and the amazing live-performance they had! "DARK CREATION" recorded an album after the 2 demo releases that will finaly come out in 2008/2009 by "HELLPIKE".

The band itself is dead and will not be reformed anymore. Aswell he did the vocals on "SHINING's" first album called "Within deep dark Chambers" under the name "Classen".

The Original vocalist "Kvaforth" was so impressed by "Classens" voice-performance and the sound of "BETHLEHEM" that he gave him the honour to sing on that legendary album! In that time "Ralph" kept "PARAGON BELIAL" alive and used that label for his black metal project. He released a demo album in 2001 called "Believe was punished by God", "Zahgurim" played the drums on that one.

This demo album was for sale but "Ralph" took it from the list after a short time because he thought it was not really "PARAGON BELIAL" without the original founder of the band!!! Some of the material was now used for the new album "NOSFERATHU SATHANIS". In 2005 all original bandmembers found back together and decided to create a new album! After a lot of practicing and songwriting a new black metal bastard was born and mastered in april 2007!!! During the reforming of "PARAGON BELIAL" "Andras" still used to play in a Black/Death Metal band called "KADATHORN"! He left this band due to the fact that he played in "Paragon Belial" again! From 2006 till 2010 he tortured the bass for "DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT" besides "Paragon Belial" under a new pseudonym called "Necropest"!. The New "PARAGON BELIAL" album was named "NOSFERATHU SATHANIS" and contained 9 songs! Raw and hateful as in the old days.

Besides the normal jewelcase there was released a digipack limited to 1000 copies only...made in a very special way under the name "DYING UNDER THE WINGS OF SATAN"! It contained 2 cds, the old album recorded in 1995 "HORDES OF THE DARKLANDS" and the new one recorded in april 2007 "NOSFERATHU SATHANIS". The label has been found and "PARAGON BELIAL" released their album on "BLOODRED HORIZON REC." on October 31 2008! In 2011 left “Zahgurim” the band und was replaced through “Bloodhammer” (Belphegor / Panzerchrist…).

But he left the band 2013 again through private reasons. Instead of him, Emperor Symorth I.

played the drums but he left the band too. In this year the originalmember “Ralph” decided to leave the band.

At his place obligated the band “Irmalath” (Shredhammer). He fetched his bandmade “Endriði“ as new drummer to the band but 2015 leave “Irmalath” through private reasons the band.

Since 2015 play “Thyrannoizer” the guitar and the band is still complete. The works to “Necrophobic Rituals” started which will released under the banner of “Black Light Entertainment in 2017 as CD, Vinyl & boxsets with additional bonusstuff and the old two albums. Discographie : 1994 - "Hordes of the Darklands" (Demo) 1996 - "Hordes of the Darklands" (Folter Records) 2001 - "Believe was punished by God" (Self release) 2008 - "Nosferathu Sathanis" jewelcase (Bloodred Horizon Rec.) 2008 - "Dying under the Wings Of Satan" digipack (Bloodred Horizon Rec.) 2017 - "Necrophobic Rituals" (Northern Fog Records) to be released soon .

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