Glaurung (Drums live member), Jey Deflagratör (Guitar Live member), Max Abomination (Bass live member), K. Desecrator (Vocals, All instruments), Titi (Guitar live member), Matt Butcher (Guitar live member)

Perversifier was born from the impure mind of K.Desecrator in the middle of 2009, as a one-man band. A line-up is now established with Max Abomination (Nuclear Abomination, Gulag, Theraphim) on bass, and Glaurung (ex-Enthroned, Morbid Rites, Emptiness, Nehëmah) on drums. .

Perversifier is for all those who have forget that metal is not about trends, female voices or stupids emo songs about adolescents problems, but only spikes, leather, alcohol, goat, destruction, debauchery and true passion. Play loud and fast or don't, fuck off and die !

Evil Speed Thrashing Metal...To the death!!