Pin-Up Went Down

Pin-Up Went Down
Nicolas Damien (Guitar, Keyboard), Alexis Damien (Vocals, All instruments ex-Wormfood, ex-Carnival In Coal), Asphodel (Vocals [2007-2014], Penumbra, öOoOoOoOoOo, Howdy Effect, ex-Nowonmai)

Pin-Up Went Down is a French experimental band from France.

(2006-2013) The band was formed in 2006, initially as a one-man project fronted by former Carnival in Coal and Wormfood member Alexis Damien and bearing the name Esthete Piggie. He was later joined by singer and photographer Aurélie "Asphodel" Raidron, who had also sung for other projects such as gothic metal band Penumbra, Howdy Effect and Nowonmai, and the band changed its name to the current one later on. On 28 March 2008 the duo released their first studio album, 2 Unlimited, through Ascendance Records.

The album's fusion of different musical genres such as power pop, progressive metal, death metal, funk, symphonic metal and gospel music was well received by the critics, and two years later, on 28 June 2010, their second album, 342, came out also through Ascendance, further developing their unusual musical style and also being well received. In the same year, Pin-Up Went Down was joined by Alexis' brother Nicolas Damien, becoming officially a trio, even if the brother was here in the early year, hidden. In 2012 the band self-released through their Bandcamp page the EP B-Sides, containing five new tracks.

As early as 2013 the band began to work on what would be their third album, Perfreaktion; however, Asphodel announced that she would be leaving the band .

Insane music for crazy people.