Primal Fear

Primal Fear
Mat Sinner (Vocals, Bass [since 1997], Mat Sinner, Alex Beyrodt’s Voodoo Circle), Magnus Karlsson (Guitar [since 2008], Allen Lande, Last Tribe), Alex Beyrodt (Guitar [since 2011], Voodoo Cricle), Tom Naumann (Guitar [1997-2000] [2003-2007] [since 2015], Mat Sinner), Ralf Scheepers (Vocals [since 1997], ex-Gamma Ray), Francesco Jovino (Drums [since 2015], ex-U.D.O.), Klaus Sperling (Drums [1997-2003]), Hendrik "Henny" Wolter (Guitar [2000-2003] [2007-2010], Nitrogods, ex-Thunderhead, ex-Sinner (GER)), Randy Black (Drums [2003-2014], DuskMachine , ex-Annihilator, ex-Rebellion (GER)), Stefan Leibing (Guitar [1998-2008]), Aquiles Priester (Drums [2014-2015], ex-Paul D'Anno, ex-Angra, ex-Tony McAlpine)

If your talking about today’s European top metal acts the discussion is heading straight towards Primal Fear.

Former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of the most respected German metal musicians founded the band in late 1997. They recorded their first Primal Fear songs for the Japan based record company JVC Records and signed a deal with JVC for their debut album some weeks later.

Germany's best kept secret was soon a target for most of the European record companies and the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in early 1998 for the rest of the world. Their new album will be released in June 2020..

Metal Band - Germany/Sweden