Marshall Stephens (Guitar [since 2007], Gonemad, Shrill), Gary Meskil (Vocals, Bass [since 1991], founder member, Fa-Q, ex-Crumbsuckers), Adam Phillips (Guitar [since 2011], Indorphine), Jonas Sanders (Drums [since 2011], Age of Torment, Dark Sensation, Drakkar (BEL), Emptiness (BEL), Resistance (BEL), ex-Bloody Hands, ex-Suicide Of Demons), Jason-Christopher "J.C." Dwyer (Drums [2004-2009], The Mobile Homies, ex-Icarus Witch, ex-Paingod, ex-Raped Ape, ex-The Ferocious Stones, ex-The Shrill), Mike Hollman (Guitar [1994-1995], ex-Bizarro, ex-Possessed), Eric Klinger (Guitar [1999-2007], Bloodclot, Built Upon Frustration, Icarus Witch, The Spudmonsters), Nick St. Denis (Guitar [1994-1995], ex-Bizarro, ex-Skinlab, ex-Systematic), Rob Moschetti (Guitar [1996-1998], Generation Kill, ex-Full Scale Riot, ex-Hollow, ex-Method Of Destruction, ex-Mutilation (USA-1), ex-Planet Piss, ex-Undivided), Tom Klimchuck (Guitar [1991-2011], ex-Crumbsuckers, ex-Method Of Destruction), Dan Richardson (Drums [1991-1997], ex-Crumbsuckers, ex-Life Of Agony, ex-Stereomud), Dave Chavarri (Drums [1997-1998], Ill Niño, ex-Gothic Slam, ex-Laaz Rockit, ex-Method Of Destruction, ex-Merauder), Eric Matthews (Drums [1999-2003], Order 66, Red Giant, State Of Conviction, The Spudmonsters, ex-Years Of Fire), Mike Hanzel (Drums [1998], ex-Nightcrawler, ex-Stryker), Rick Halverson (Drums [2009-2011], Narcotic Self, ex-Cellador), Daniel Wiener (Drums [1994-1995]), Rich Ferjanic (Drums [2003-2004], ex-Stagnated, ex-Terror (USA-2))

Aggressive, meticulous, passionate, righteous - all distinguishing traits that have come to symbolize the fundamentals of metal/hardcore pioneers PRO-PAIN.

Since their crushing 1992 NAIRD nominated debut album "Foul Taste Of Freedom", PRO-PAIN have become a staple in the diets of heavy music listeners around the globe. Their successful and enviable career has perpetually prospered throughout its course, and yet they still manage to find room to improve, and more importantly, impress.