Karoline "Ka" Amb (Keyboard), Sfinx (aka Miriam Elisabeth Renväg) (Vocals Viper Solfa), Kuth (Drums The Kovenant), Flemming "Zet" Rammseth (Vocals, Guitar ex-Ride The Sky, ex-Vidsyn, ex-ImproVision), Lanius (Bass), Solem (Bass [2000-2003]), Ingvild "Sareeta" Johannesen (Back Vocals, Violin [2001-2009], Voluspaa, In Lingua Mortua, ex-Ásmegin), Magnus Ostvang (Keyboard [2001-2008]), Lars (Bass), Jon (Bass [2003-2006])

The extreme, progressive metal band Ram-Zet started as a one man project in 1998.

Mastermind Zet started the project in order to bring his own musical visions to life after having played in numerous assorted bands. He needed to get the ideas and chaos in his mind structured and so this beast of a band started. The first core line-up, with Solem (Bass) and Kuth (Drums), banded together prior to the recording session of Ram-Zets debut album, PURE THERAPY (released in September 2000 on Spikefarm records).

Combining various elements ranging from the chaotic rage of Black Metal, a great sense for melody to some rather progressive structuring and mechanized rhythms of industrial music, the band created a flawless hybrid with an ability to maintain stylistic integrity heightened by genre-bending ingenuity. After knowing Zet for many years, Magnus then joined the band as a steady key player.Session member SfinX (vocals on Pure Therapy) then joined the band early 2001.

They still didnt have a violin player, but Sfinx happened to know a great violinist and gave her a call. Sareeta then said yes to join the band and all of a sudden the lineup was completed.

The first gig ever in Troms was a hit, and the band started to get a name in the underground metal world. Pure Therapy came as a fresh breath of air in the Norwegian metal scene and it was nominated for the Norwegian grammy award in 2001.

Ram-Zets second album, ESCAPE (Released in 2002 by Spikefarm records), was once again recorded at their personal Space Valley Studio in Norway and later once again mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios in Finland (Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Moonspell, etc.) for boosted sound quality. Escape continued Ram-Zets musically challenging soundscape traditions and turns.

This became a very chaotic, hard hitting, beautiful and brilliant work of art, mainly due to the fact that a complete line-up was involved in Escapes process. Sadly, after some hard thinking, Solem decided to leave the band due to some personal issues.

Jon then joined the band and added yet another element to Ram-Zets music. After Grammy nomination for the debut album, heavy touring with acts like Theatre Of Tragedy, Entwine, Borknagar, Finntroll, the ambitions were now high for the Norse psychotic metal schizophrenics.

INTRA (released by Tuba Records 2005) was recorded in Space Valley Studios and co-produced and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad etc.) Intra pulled the listener down into it's schizophrenic soundscape and challenged him with raging and complex guitar riffs, innovative songs where the contrast between the dark beauty of the melody and the vast controlled aggression played the main part. Intra still maintained a stylistic integrity characterized by genre-bending ingenuity.

Once again Ram-Zet suffered a great loss when both Jon and Magnus decided to leave the band due to personal issues as well. Magnus still continued for some time as a session member, but he did no longer wish to be a steady part of the band.

The band knew of one hell of a bass player and asked if he wanted to try out for the band. He nailed the bass, and Lanius was from early 2006 a steady member.

One day Zet stumbled over this young red head that came to his studio to record some of her own stuff. He right away saw that she was highly talented, she played the keys brilliantly, and he thought she could also do some very good backing vocals for Ram-Zet.

After a while he decided to ask if she wanted to try out for the band. She didn't only complete the band musically but finally the band was at its peek on every level.

Three girls and three blokes in such a hard metal band are rarely seen, and yet another aspect of Ram-Zet was in place. Ka became a steady member in early 2008.

With Ka as a new member, the band started working on a new album. The band releazed "Neutralized" in 2009.

Produced, as usual, by the band, but this time mixed by Brett Caldas Lima. (Agora, Devin Townsend, Megadeath, Sacred Reich, Freak Kitchen, etc.) Some gigs were done after this release, but the band didn't find time for touring.

In this period Zet found it difficult to write new songs for Ram-Zet , and especially struggled with finding a place for the violin in his new songs. So, in 2010 Sareeta left the band, in understanding with the rest of the members, and fans all over were dissapointed.

Nevertheless, Zet got his writing back on track, and the album "Freaks in wonderland", were realeased in 2012. This time mixed by Ken Ingwersen, (Ken Hensley, TNT, Tulus, Wonderworld, etc), the first Norwegian to mix an Ram-Zet album! This album was more playful, and showed a bit of a new direction in Ram-Zet's music, although, a lot meant it was the closest to their debut album "Pure therapy" so far.

The band did some festivals in this period (Brutal assault , Metal female fronted, Metal crowd festival) and were also invited to headline Ronni Le Tekrò's (TNT) yearly festival. After this, the band decided to have a little break and just concentrate on their other projects for a while.

After a while Zet became restless, and the ideas of new Ram-Zet music started to flow into his mind again. And he also came to the conclusion that violin is a element which belongs in Ram-Zet´s music, so he got in touch with Sareeta.

After a couple of good conversations they decided together that she should once again be a part of this band. So in early 2016, the band got together again, and put up plans for the future.

In 2016, the band will work on new material, along with plans for live shows in 2017. Stay tuned, Ram-Zet is soon back on track and will deliver more schizophrenic metal to the world! .

Norwegian avant-garde metal band, founded in